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Is Messi Embarrassing MLS?

The Cooligans react to Lionel Messi’s hot start in MLS with Inter Miami and question if he’s making the league look bad.

Lionel Messi is good. Perhaps a little TOO good for MLS.

Alexis kicks off this segment by wondering if the league is already concerned about Messi making the rest of its players look bad, considering how easily he’s dominated so far for Inter Miami.

Christian believes that every team is allowed a “Messi jitters game”, which you can see the full explanation for here:

The Cooligans tear apart Atlanta United’s abysmal performance in their recent matchup against Messi and Miami.

“Completely poor, at every layer from up front from Atlanta United, the midfield was a nightmare, and defending was nowhere to be found. One of the worst games that they’ve had this season,” Christian says.

Polanco does question the competitiveness of Leagues Cup and how serious teams are taking it.

“When we get to the knockout round of Leagues Cup, I think that’s when we’re gonna see the quality increase,” he says.

Christian and Alexis wonder if Messi’s arrival in MLS will force other teams to spend more money, both to improve their rosters and better their playing conditions to ensure Messi suits up on their fields.

“He won’t (play on turf). He will not,” Alexis says.

Want to hear more from the Cooligans? Check out the full episode, which includes expanded thoughts on the Messi to MLS experience and the Women’s World Cup!


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