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Could Kylian Mbappe Really Turn Down $776 MILLION From Al Hilal?

The Cooligans react to Al Hilal’s record-breaking offer for the PSG superstar.

Al Hilal are ready to spend more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS on Kylian Mbappe.

The Saudi Arabian club reportedly offered a world-record fee of $332 million to Paris Saint-Germain for the star forward, and are preparing to give him a one-year deal worth $776 million...

and Mbappe might turn it down.

“Let’s be honest, he’s kind of being pushed to take this deal,” Alexis says.

PSG have all the motivation in the world to sell Mbappe this summer, as it has become clear that the 24-year-old is honed in on joining Real Madrid next offseason ahead of the 2024 campaign.

Alexis laughs off the notion that Al Hilal may not be able to negotiate personal terms with Mbappe despite the rumors stating his desire to avoid playing in Saudi Arabia.

“What negotiation is it, you’re gonna give me HOW MUCH?” he jokes.

“Cause personally, I like those terms,” Christian adds.

The two agree that Mbappe put both himself and PSG in a tricky situation by re-signing with the club a couple years ago instead of simply joining Madrid then.

“I don’t feel bad for the guy, but you wouldn’t want to see him play there and not play the Champions League,” Christian says.

The guys compare the Saudi Pro League’s strategy to create a competitive, popular league to MLS’, discussing the ongoing debate over the longevity of simply buying players instead of building from the ground up.

“Really, the only way to build a strong foundation for a league is to build the academies and youth, and that’s how you sustain a proper league for a long amount of time,” Christian says.

At the end of the day, Alexis is all for Mbappe taking the deal with Al Hilal.

“It’s 22 euros a second. Come on,” he says.

The entire soccer community has its eyes glued to this situation, and we’ll likely get a decision from the French superstar shortly.

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