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Lionel Messi Joining MLS Changes Everything

The Cooligans are joined by Jack Grimse to react to Messi’s historic move to Inter Miami.

For this show, Christian is joined by soccer producer and presenter Jack Grimse, who is filling in for Alexis.

Christian kicks things off by talking about how palpable the excitement surrounding Messi’s move to MLS is. Jack agrees, reflecting on his first impression upon hearing the news.

“It’s day two now, it still doesn’t feel real,” Grimse says.

The two then dive into the appeal of coming to the United States for Messi. From a financial standpoint, his contract with Inter Miami is one-of-a-kind, as the superstar will be receiving a portion of the revenue Apple brings in via MLS Season Pass subscriptions, among other perks.

Christian highlights the key parts of his deal, acknowledging that some people feel it sets a terrible precedent.

“I tell those people to shut up, because Messi’s coming,” Polanco jokes.

Jack agrees that special exceptions need to be made in this circumstance. The closest thing that MLS has seen to this move is when David Beckham joined the Galaxy. However, Christian argues that these two situations are still miles apart in terms of magnitude.

“(Messi) is a god. The way people spoke about Maradona, the way people spoke about Pelé... he is a religion.”

The two agree that Messi is one of the most influential humans to ever exist. Christian also believes that Messi’s move will help every team in MLS in the long run, so no one should be complaining. Jack agrees, taking it a step further by predicting that everything about American soccer will improve following this move.

The two then take a look at FC Barcelona’s press release following the news that Messi would not be returning to the club.

Christian calls out Laporta’s statement for its apparent pettiness and jealousy.

“It’s completely disrespectful to Messi,” Polanco says.

Christian believes it was also specifically targeted at MLS and the assumption that Americans don’t take soccer seriously.

“I just wanna ask Laporta, have you ever played soccer in the Florida heat? Tell me what these ‘fewer demands’ are,” Jack says.


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