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Jose Mourinho Loses His Mind... Again

The Cooligans discuss Jose Mourinho’s latest antics following Roma’s Europa League final loss to Sevilla.

Jose Mourinho is at it again.

This time, the notoriously erratic manager took his frustrations out on referee Anthony Taylor following AS Roma’s Europa League final defeat at the hands of Sevilla.

The Cooligans begin this segment by addressing Taylor’s fluctuating reputation. As one of the biggest names in the Premier League among refs, he does not exactly have a plethora of fans, specifically among Chelsea supporters.

However, Christian points out that David Gerson — a prominent referee on TikTok who also founded Refs Need Love Too — broke down how Taylor did a great job in this particular match. Specifically, Gerson believes that Taylor made the correct call on a multitude of controversial sequences.

Christian and Alexis then watch this viral video of Mourinho berating Taylor following the match.

Guerreros and Polanco disagree on how this situation should be handled. Christian believes that the likely fine heading Mourinho’s way is warranted, while Alexis is adamant that managers should be able to verbally express their frustration as long as it does not escalate.

Christian reflects on the various controversial decisions made throughout the match by Taylor, specifically expressing his hopes for how handballs will be refereed in the future. Alexis believes the calls ultimately evened out, acknowledging that the real losers were those who had to sit through the last 45 minutes of the match.

“If anyone should be mad, it’s us for having to watch that second half.”


Tim Ream joins the show, Sevilla win Europa League yet again, and madness with MLS ultras!

  • We’re honored to be joined by USMNT and Fulham FC defender, Tim Ream! Tim joins the Cooligans to discuss taking part in the upcoming Premier League summer series, the struggles of being promoted or relegated in five consecutive years, and missing the end of the EPL season due to injury (including how badly he wanted to stay in the game with a broken arm.) Christian and Alexis also recap Sevilla’s record-setting seventh Europa League victory and break down the crazy interactions between ultras and players in MLS following last night’s debacle at Yankee Stadium. We hope the tensions don’t escalate any further, but it would make for some incredible fan footage!

Watch more below!


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