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Jack Grealish Has Transformed in Front of Our Eyes

The Cooligans are joined by Christine Cupo to discuss Jack Grealish’s immense growth as a player for Manchester City.

Christian is joined by CBS Sports’ Christine Cupo for the latest episode of the Cooligans, and the pair dive into a discussion about Jack Grealish.

The two kick things off by acknowledging the immense growth we’ve seen from the star over the last couple of years.

“He’s no longer just a good player with a massive price tag, he’s showing how multi-faceted he is,” Cupo says.

Christine and Christian have a laugh scrolling through the various videos of Grealish partying after Man City won the Champions League and completed the treble.

The two give Grealish credit for his accountability and honesty when reflecting on his tenure with City, highlighting his interview with Thierry Henry when Jack admitted to letting the team down last year.

“He’s maturing in front of our eyes,” Christian exclaims.

The two give Pep Guardiola credit for recognizing Grealish’s potential. He demonstrated immaturity at times with Aston Villa, and then obviously underperformed in his first year with the club but Pep still saw something in him, and that potential was realized this season.

The most notable change in Grealish’s game might be an unseen factor, which is his rise in confidence.

“He’s playing with such a level of confidence, and the defenders KNOW that he’s confident. It’s a beautiful thing to see,” Polanco says.

As Christine and Christian wrap up their conversation, they have to mention the most-talked about thing when it comes to Grealish...

His calves.


Manchester City win the treble and Haaland vs. Messi for Ballon D’Or! (feat. Christine Cupo)

  • Manchester City have officially written their names in the footballing history books after winning a European treble in 2022/23! The abundance of talent in this City squad has been clear for quite some time now, but its status as legendary was incomplete without a Champions League crown! Now, there can be no more detractors. Christine Cupo of CBS Sports fills in for Alexis to break down every aspect of the UCL final and discuss how City’s success will affect this year’s Ballon d’Or. Will Messi be rewarded for his World Cup triumph with an eighth trophy or has Erling Haaland’s time finally come? We also look back at the weekend’s incredible MLS golazos, remember the colorful life of Silvio Berlusconi, and analyze Paolo Maldini’s tumultuous exit from AC Milan. Things aren’t looking good for the Rossoneri!

Watch more below!


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