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Leeds Can’t Buy a Win on or off the Field

The Cooligans discuss the recent video of Leeds United players publicly ignoring fans amidst the club’s Premier League struggles.

It’s all going downhill for Leeds at the moment.

Not only has the club lost four of its last five matches in the midst of a tight relegation battle, but now the squad is under fire for off-the-pitch actions.

In the latest Cooligans episode, Alexis welcomes the return of Christian following the birth of his child!

A lot has happened since the last time these two got together, and in this segment they discuss Leeds’ collection of struggles.

The West Yorkshire club came under fire following a viral video of the players ignoring fans while walking out of a hotel. As the two point out, we’re lacking all of the necessary context for the video, but it still doesn’t excuse the one particular mistake of failing to acknowledge a younger boy sporting a team kit.

The response from fans online was so critical that Leeds had to put out an official statement apologizing for their players.

Christian points out that we’ve seen videos like this before, but gives the club a bit of credit for taking responsibility for the players’ mistake, which isn’t typical in these situations. That being said, both hosts agree that it’s a very bad look for the club regardless as they attempt to avoid relegation.

Unfortunately for Leeds, when it rains, it pours.


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