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What’s Wrong with Arsenal? Christine Cupo Reacts to the Gunners’ Recent Collapse

Christine Cupo joins the Cooligans to break down Arsenal’s recent dip in form ahead of a pivotal match against Manchester City.

The nightmare scenario for Arsenal fans is creeping towards reality.

Despite leading the Premier League title race for a large majority of the season, the Gunners have now dropped points in three straight matches with back-to-back-to-back draws. The reigning champs, Manchester City, are just five points back as of Tuesday, April 25 with two games in hand.

There’s no way around it: Wednesday’s match between City and Arsenal will likely determine this year’s champion.

Cooligans host Alexis Guerreros is joined by CBS Sports’ Christine Cupo to break down the Gunners’ recent dip in form. The two kick off the segment by acknowledging their bias in this discussion as Arsenal supporters. Both Christine and Alexis are concerned about Wednesday’s crucial match in Manchester, but state how proud they’ll be of their team regardless of the result.

Christine addresses the Gunners’ three consecutive draws, specifically the 3-3 Southampton result, calling out Arsenal’s lack of second-half shots on target. The two agree that the squad seems to be barely squeaking by over their last few games, which shouldn’t be the case for a Premier League frontrunner.

Cupo and Guerreros implore Mikel Arteta to make some defensive changes ahead of the City match in a desperate attempt to contain Erling Haaland, who is arguably the best player in the world at the moment.

So, how will the Gunners fare in Wednesday’s pivotal contest? Only time will tell...


The Premier League title is slipping away from Arsenal! (feat. Christine Cupo)

  • The Gunners keep dropping crucial points in their quest to finally reclaim the EPL title! Aaron Ramsdale’s massive error and a lack of urgency from the opening whistle held Arsenal to a single point against Southampton on Friday, and the league leaders were lucky to come away with that! What’s gone wrong for the young Gunners and how can they turn things around as the season winds down? Christine Cupo of CBS Sports joins the Cooligans to wallow in Alexis’ pity as he reflects on the draw, and also discuss Newcastle’s thumping of Tottenham, the FA Cup semi-finals, and more!

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