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DraftKings Sportsbook Free $5K Swifties & Super Bowl LVIII Prediction Pool: Taylor Swift Super Bowl Pool Picks

Pearce Dietrich gives his predictions on DraftKings Sportsbook for Free $5K Swifties & Super Bowl LVIII Prediction Pool

AFC Championship - Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Add the Taylor Swift DraftKings Sportsbook Pool to the list of Super Bowl Sunday activities. There’s a game to watch and appetizers to devour. The halftime show is always unpredictable, and no one ever knows what commercial will be the best. There’s also daily fantasy football contests and plenty of ways to wager on Super Bowl LVIII on DraftKings Sportsbook. But when it’s all said and done, the hit of the night could be from the hit maker. The free-to-play Taylor Swift DraftKings Pool is a surefire way to get everyone at the party involved in the action.

The rules are simple. Answer 12 questions. Get the most right and win part of the $5,000 prize pool. Let’s take a look at some of the questions in the Free $5K Swifties & Super Bowl LVIII Prediction Pool and make predictions.

Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift after the game: Yes or No?

Let’s start with the elephant in the room. The big question in the pool is whether Travis Kelce will pop the big question after the game. This requires a win by the Chiefs. They’re underdogs but not by much and a win is definitely a possibility. Assuming the Chiefs win, will Kelce do it? Is he bold enough to plot a post-game proposal?

If this were Kelce’s first Super Bowl, then it would be highly unlikely. This is not. It’s not Kelce’s first rodeo. Also, the idea of laying his personal life on the line is not new to the Chiefs’ star tight end. He starred in the dating competition TV series, “Catching Kelce,” in 2016. The fear of rejection does not appear to be a factor. And if she says no, it doesn’t matter. The question is if he proposes regardless of what Taylor decides.

The answer is yes. Who doesn’t love love? Who doesn’t want this? The romantics want a proposal and a happily ever after. The haters that have been shaken off want an embarrassing rejection. Either way, this is what America wants. It’s what America needs. In 50 years from now, historians will look back at the Kelce Proposal and how it unified the nation for a brief moment.

Pick: Yes

Which total will be higher: Travis Kelce receptions or Taylor Swift in-game live broadcast shots?

Travis Kelce is the Chiefs’ best pass catcher. This is the biggest game of the year. He will have plenty of receptions. The DraftKings Sportsbook has set his receiving prop at 7.5 receptions. That’s a lot of cut aways to Taylor Swift. Will CBS dare cut to Taylor that many times? The Swifties might enjoy it, but there is a real risk in alienating NFL fans. The Law of Diminishing Returns is at play on Sunday in many ways. The first five chicken wings are great. The next five aren’t so bad either. At a certain point, the wings just don’t hit like they used to. CBS needs to be conservative in their Swift cuts. They need to save some tasty ones for the fourth quarter when the game is on the line. Take Kelce’s catches exceeding the broadcast cuts to Taylor.

Pick: Travis Kelce receptions

How many times will CBS play a Taylor Swift song during the game broadcast: Under 2.5 or Over 2.5?

Once again, CBS is walking a fine line. They can lean into Taylor, but they don’t want to fall all over her. The broadcast executives have likely met countless times over the last two weeks and debated how much is too much Taylor Swift. Aside from the Swift asides during the Super Bowl, this is premium air time. Everyone wants their music featured during the Super Bowl. It doesn’t seem unreasonable that some Payola is at play. Artists and record companies are more than willing to slide a few dollars to CBS to get their song selected as a segue into a break. Why would CBS give away free publicity? They paid $1 billion for regular season and Super Bowl broadcast rights. The Swifties will get a hit, maybe two, but that should do. Anymore is overkill and an empty wallet.

Pick: Under 2.5

That’s just a sample of the hits. There are nine more entertaining Taylor Swift related questions on DraftKings Sportsbook in the Free $5K Swifties & Super Bowl LVIII Prediction Pool. Download the app and sign up at DraftKings Sportsbook to play for your chance to win. Make this the most memorable Super Bowl since Super Bowl XXIII — the 1989 Super Bowl.

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