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March Madness DraftKings Sportsbook Guide: Highlighting all the Betting Markets

Julian Edlow guides you through all the March Madness betting markets available on DraftKings Sportsbook

Houston v Memphis Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

The bracket has been revealed, and the NCAA Tournament is set to get underway! DraftKings Sportsbook has an extensive menu of bets available on the NCAA Tournament, well beyond just betting the games. Let’s rip through the markets that are offered on DraftKings Sportsbook.

Please note that certain states do carry restrictions on betting college sports. This article will highlight all markets available in different states, so if you are unable to see any of the markets, you may be located in a state that carries restrictions.

Game Lines and Player Props

Of course, you can go and bet your standard spreads and totals on DraftKings Sportsbook. But don’t forget about live in-game wagering throughout all the games, also available on this tab. Once we know matchups in future rounds of the tournament, DKSB will almost immediately have a number available on that game. And while not offered in all states, you can also find player props for all the tournament games available.

Team Props

Teams props would qualify as team totals for games. If you’re interested in isolating a team to score (or not score) points, rather than betting a game total, you can find those here. Team totals are also available by each half.


This one is pretty straight forward — now that we know each team’s path, bet on who you think will win it all!

To Reach the Final

While also straight forward, this is a pretty unique market. Bets on teams to win it all or reach the Final Four are pretty common, but it’s rare to see a market for a team to reach the championship game. If you like a teams path on their side of the bracket, but are worried about the potential draws in the title game, this is the market for you.

Region Winner

We’ve been betting Final Four markets all season, but the market makes a pretty big shift once the bracket is revealed. Now that we know each teams’ path, betting schools to win their region has a lot more clarity to it. Some teams you may not have even considered during the regular season might now be appealing if they landed in the right bracket.

To Reach Elite 8

This is a unique market that I really love. I enjoy betting college basketball futures, but there’s only so many teams you can bet it all and bet to reach the Final Four during the regular season, particularly prior to the bracket release. Now that we’ve seen the bracket, there’s much more value in backing teams to win a certain amount of games. However, rather than swinging for the fences on a ticket to win in all, this market just requires winning three games to cash.

To Reach Sweet 16

Like the Elite Eight market, the Sweet Sixteen market requires even less work to cash a ticket. We just need a team to win two games here to cash, meaning you’ll get paid on Saturday or Sunday if your play advances.

Tournament Specials

If you’re looking for some crazy/entertainment bets, this is the tab for you. Under this tab, you can place bets on buzzer beater props, which seed or conference wins the tournament and how many upsets we see in each round.

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All views expressed are my own. I am an employee of DraftKings and am ineligible to play in public DFS or DKSB contests.

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