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Leaked images suggest Phillies will be feeling blue with their new City Connect jerseys

Ross Tucker Podcast producer Jack Connell breaks down what could be Philadelphia’s new alternative jersey from Nike.

Philadelphia Phillies v Cleveland Guardians Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images

Although baseball is in the offseason, Phillies fans got some big news this morning.

Twitter user @Gottagoto_MOs appears to have found Philadelphia’s upcoming City Connect uniform for the 2024 season on eBay. Take a look:

There have been multiple reports for several months that the Phillies’ City Connect uniform would feature the colors of the Philadelphia flag, blue and yellow. The uniform was seen on an eBay listing, but I’ve had no luck finding the listing on the site. There’s a chance this could be a fake uniform, but something this unique with all of the correct markings makes it highly unlikely this is a fake.

The gothic “Philly” script is a massive change from anything the franchise has ever worn. The Phillies DID have a blue and yellow uniform back in 1938 until 1942, which was a much different approach.

More recently, the Eagles wore an infamous throwback back in 2007 honoring the Frankford Yellow Jackets, which used a similar color scheme. Phillies fans have not been interested in a blue and yellow jersey since the reports first surfaced and they’ll likely have the same reaction after seeing these leaked images.

— Written by Jack Connell of The Ross Tucker Podcast

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