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76ers reportedly latest team to make uniform tweaks

Ross Tucker Podcast producer Jack Connell breaks down the changes coming to Philadelphia’s “Icon” jersey this season.

Philadelphia 76ers v Detroit Pistons Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The Philadelphia 76ers appear to be tweaking their uniform this upcoming season, based on a recent listing from Fanatics.

The retail giant posted an image of an updated version of Philly’s “Icon” jersey by Nike, which has some modifications from last season’s edition. Here’s a look below at the old & new versions, with the new one being on the left:

Although nothing has been made official, there have been some other hints at the new uniform. NBA 2K24 released a screenshot of Joel Embiid in the upcoming game, and the jersey he’s sporting in the picture has the same exact changes as the one above.

Some of the biggest differences include a drastic increase in the red drop shadow on the “PHILA” wordmark and the numbers on both the front and the back. Last season, the Sixers made this exact same change to their “Statement” uniforms.

Although it adds some pop to the design, the red makes the white hard to read and gives the vibes of those old-school 3D glasses you’d get when you watched a 3D movie on VHS.

Since the tweak hasn’t officially been made public, we don’t have any idea what the white/home edition will look like, but it should be announced in the coming weeks with NBA training camp around the corner.

—Written by Jack Connell of The Ross Tucker Podcast