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Here’s every single ‘Madden NFL’ cover

We take a look at each cover athlete for the annual EA Sports franchise.

EA Sports Madden NFL 12 Photo Shoot Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images for EA Sports

EA Sports is set to announce the cover athlete for the upcoming Madden 24 video game on Wednesday. Rumors are swirling that it could be Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen. If so, he’d be the third straight cover to feature an NFL QB (not counting last year with Madden himself on the cover). EA Sports has been good about switching things up on a year-to-year basis.

Since 2000, at least one active or former NFL player has been selected to be the cover athlete of the game. However, last year’s edition featured John Madden himself, a tribute to the franchise’s namesake following his death in December of 2021. Below, we’ll go through all of the covers for Madden since 2000.

Here’s every Madden cover athlete by year

Madden 24 (2023): Josh Allen

Madden 23 (2022): John Madden

Madden 22 (2021): Patrick Mahomes/Tom Brady

Madden 21 (2020): Lamar Jackson

Madden 20 (2019): Patrick Mahomes

Madden 19 (2018): Antonio Brown

Madden 18 (2017): Tom Brady

Madden 17 (2016): Rob Gronkowski

Madden 16 (2015): Odell Beckham Jr.

Madden 15 (2014): Richard Sherman

Madden 14 (branded as ‘Madden 25’) (2013): Barry Sanders/Adrian Peterson

Madden 13 (2012): Calvin Johnson

Madden 12 (2011): Peyton Hillis

Madden 11 (2010): Drew Brees

Madden 10 (2009): Larry Fitzgerald/Troy Polamalu

Madden 09 (2008): Brett Favre (released new cover after he was traded to the Jets)

Madden 08 (2007): Vince Young

Madden 07 (2006): Shaun Alexander

Madden 06 (2005): Donovan McNabb

Madden 05 (2004): Ray Lewis

Madden 04 (2003): Michael Vick

Madden 03 (2002): Marshall Faulk

Madden 02 (2001): Daunte Culpepper

Madden 01 (2000): Eddie George