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Best, worst outcomes for Cousin Greg in Succession series finale

What will be the fate of Cousin Greg in the series finale of Succession on Sunday night. We break down the best and worst cases for him.

Succession Season 4 Australian Premiere - Arrivals
Nicholas Braun attends the Succession Season 4 Australian Premiere at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter on April 03, 2023 in Sydney, Australia.
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The series finale of Succession will take place Sunday, May 28 and will be available at around 9 p.m. ET for audiences on Max. After four seasons, we’ll finally see some sort of transition of power from Waystar RoyCo boss Logan Roy. His children Kendall, Shiv and Roman are all in contention for CEO amid a heated acquisition bid from GoJo founder Lukas Matsson, who has his own ideas about how to run the company. The kids also have their own games going on, so audiences are truly blind to who will be running the show entering the finale.

One character who has managed to stick around is Cousin Greg, who has navigated this world well enough to cozy up to the power players. He has made some truly boneheaded mistakes over the course of four seasons, but he’s still here at the end of the line with a chance to be a puppet for Matsson.

What will happen to Cousin Greg in Succession series finale?

Best cases

The absolute best-case scenario for Cousin Greg is the CEO post at Waystar RoyCo under Matsson’s overall leadership. Greg’s lack of conviction in just about everything he does actually plays in his favor on this one. Matsson already appears to have a deal in place with Shiv, but she’s been slimy enough to give him some pause over making her the CEO. Plus, he’s never actually given her his word on the matter. It would be a lot easier to have Greg in charge as a puppet who will obey his every word.

If the merger doesn’t go through, Greg likely ends up in a fairly strong position under Kendall’s leadership. Don’t forget it was Greg who salvaged documents for Kendall’s power play at the end of Season 2, even though the move ultimately didn’t work out the way it should have. Hugo already seems to have the top billing in Kendall’s new secondary structure, but Greg will have a solid position.

A clean exit from this corporation wouldn’t be the worst thing for Greg either. He has never quite fit into the corporate life, and there comes a point in time where being an assistant that gets kicked around constantly becomes tiring. Perhaps Greg gets to walk away from all this at the end on his own volition.

Worst cases

The most obvious worst-case scenario is death, although that doesn’t seem very likely for Greg. There isn’t anyone who would really want him dead among the top leadership contenders, although Roman could have an unhinged moment and order him to be beheaded.

Given how Greg has positioned himself, the worst-case scenario would be one where he ends up with no role at all in the corporation. Matsson might see him as someone who was aligned with Tom and therefore push him out through Shiv. This would assume Matsson does actually go through on his deal to make Shiv CEO. She would want Greg out after he exposed her schemes to Kendall.

Speaking of Kendall, he may have an opening in his core group with Jess set to leave. That could be a position for Greg, although Kendall seems to have a liking for Hugo as his right hand man. Kendall has a previous experience with Greg as the second man in command, and it didn’t quite work out. Maybe Kendall decides Greg isn’t cut out for this and casts him out.

As mentioned above, an exit from the company might not be the worst thing for Greg. There is a difference between getting kicked out and walking away on your own, though. Given how much Greg has worked to be in the Waystar machine, being booted at this stage would be among the less desired outcomes.