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Will anyone die in the Succession series finale?

We go over if any of the main characters won’t make it through the series finale on Sunday night.

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The “Succession” series finale is (sadly) here.

While most viewers want to know the answer to the question posed in the popular HBO series’ first episode — who will take over the family business, aka, Waystar Royco — there are plenty of other story threads that need to be wrapped up and downfalls that must take place.

As the title of the show suggested, “Succession” was always going to be who will, you know, succeed Logan Roy as the head of the legacy media company. Logan’s death was foreshadowed from the very beginning, yet it was still a shock when it finally happened in the third episode of the fourth season. Could we possibly see another jaw-dropping death in the show’s final turn?

Succession series finale predictions

Despite Logan’s death, “Succession” isn’t really a show about killing off its characters. However, there have been some breadcrumbs throughout the series that could mean potentially offing some big-name characters.

Following the conclusion of the penultimate episode where — spoilers — the “ecstatically nihilistic” Roman Roy ventured into a protest and unsurprisingly left with some flesh wounds, it’s not entirely out of the question that the “sicko” could find himself in a more dire situation. That being said, in the preview for the finale, Romulus is patched up and very much alive. It’s extremely unlikely that he will die as we saw the death of his potential CEO candidacy after he failed to perform (again) at Logan’s funeral.

Characters such as Shiv, Tom, Gerri, Karl, and others can probably breathe a sigh of relief that they will still be alive once the credits roll. Even Cousin Greg, despite Shiv’s threats to disembowel the underling, should survive.

There is, perhaps, one person who could potentially be in danger: Kendall Roy.

The show has not-so-slightly teased the Number One Boy’s potential death multiple times. In the Pilot episode, there’s a scene where Kendall stands on top of the skyscraper and looks down. Subtle.

In the Season 1 finale, Kendall’s addiction turned deadly when the waiter he was with took control of the wheel and their car swerved into a body of water. And, of course, in Season 3, there’s even a cliffhanger of Kendall nearly drowning in a pool.

There are plenty of signs of potential suicide in Kendall’s future, although, the fourth season has set him up to take control while cutting out anybody close to him, which is another kind of death.

We’ll find out Sunday when the series finale of “Succession” airs on HBO at 6 p.m. ET.