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While we all wait for episode six, here’s DraftKings Nation’s ‘Yellowjackets’ Halftime spectacular

As the popular Showtime show takes a week off, we ponder on some burning questions going into the second half of the season.

Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

If you have not noticed by now, Yellowjackets season two is on a week break, and what a way to take a breather than an impending birth within a potentially haunted forest? We’re all jonesing for answers, but we here at DraftKings Nation have a little stop-gap idea. Let’s go over some burning questions that we have coming off the last episode that we hoped to be answered in the remaining four episodes of this season.

What Will Become of Shauna’s Baby?

Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

We can all acknowledge Shauna having her baby in the confines of a cabin with no medical equipment is a highly bleak situation. Time is of the essence, and with everything happening, the remaining survivors must contend with a potentially smaller mouth to feed. That’s even with scarce food sources (although Spring might be around the corner). Lottie’s attachment to Shauna’s baby is a creepy undercurrent to this situation. First, the meditation circle with Lottie saying things like, “We can’t wait to meet him.” Then, when Shauna sleeps, Lottie states, “You’re going to change everything” to her stomach.

Lottie’s influence is growing within the group – even as Shauna starts to resist even further. Why is this baby important to Lottie and, most of all, whatever entity she’s taped in with? (SPOILER: in a cast interview with ELLIE: Christina Ricci states the baby does not get eaten). Is it purely a coincidence that Crystal’s death triggered the labor and the big snowstorm? In Yellowjackets, many phenomena are linked, and I suspect we will find them with these events.

Who is Javi referring to?

Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

I’m not going to lie to you – I might have been in the camp that Natalie was in. How could a person survive in the wilderness for that long in the height of winter? Hell, the Yellowjackets collective are just barely hanging on in shelter. Given the random hot spots found at specific points within the forest, there could be an explanation. However, Taissa’s sleepwalking leads her and Van to him, and when he returns to the cabin, Javi is entirely mute. There’s a brief moment where he glances at Lottie with a scared look on his face.

When Javi speaks to Ben, he only says, "She told him not to come back here.” We have to get to the bottom of the identity of this person or essence. It could very well be Lottie, and that’s an answer I would be inclined to go with. However, something more malefic could be at play and might have protected Javi while he was out there for days.

What does adult Taissa’s “other” mean when she says, “This isn’t where they are supposed to be?”

Kailey Schwerman/SHOWTIME

I’m going to take this one on, given the new clip from the forthcoming episode being released. Adult Taissa and Van reuniting is no coincidence, given their relationship history and familiarity with Tai’s sleepwalking and “other.” I think the reasoning is that the surviving Yellowjackets are supposed to be together at Lottie’s compound. Now, the why – I’m not so clear on. But look at how everybody reacts when they see Lottie. Shauna almost gets into a battle stance, and Van seems horrified.

Natalie and Lottie had a breakthrough of visions where they saw the Antler Queen. It could be that the adults coming back together is a trigger as to how this entity comes back – if there is even an entity. It could very well be a form of shared psychosis that all of these women are experiencing. Look at what they’ve been through. But it’s probably more dire than that – provided Lottie’s increased hysteria over something returning.

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