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These are all the ridiculous things I spotted when watching both Fast X trailers

The Fast and Furious franchise is known for it’s amazing absurdity and May 19th can’t come soon enough.

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A tenth film is upon us in the Fast saga, and if you are still searching for logic or even physics – that is a fool’s errand, my friend. All of that went out the window a few films ago. However, that does not mean the Fast and Furious franchise doesn’t hold any entertainment value – it does. Where else can you get an assortment of stars to pull heists and use muscle cars to their limit? Not to mention family.

The world has been blessed with two Fast X trailers so far that are a combined six minutes long. So, I figured we’d escape the news doldrums of simply telling you what’s in the trailer (you’ve probably watched them both a lot) and go through some of the craziest stuff I’ve seen out of them. I did not add any John Cena, Brie Larson, or Jason Statham fights because.. come on. Here are some quick things I noticed.

The first FAST X trailer observations:

  1. Jason Momoa’s character Dante Reyes was standing in the vaults of Fast Five the entire time and came away unscathed.
  2. Dante was also in the car, hit by the bank vault, and killed his father. However, he survives the impact and the fall into the ocean.
  3. Dom apparently survives an explosion or wind machine.
  4. A huge Indiana Jones-like boulder runs through the streets, causing explosions and cutting a pedestrian bus in half.
  5. Jakob (John Cena) shoots missiles out of his car to kill two people.
  6. Dom uses a car door to protect himself against machine gun fire.
  7. At 2:38, a drifting car nearly misses two people walking on the sidewalk.
  8. At 2:50, a character uses a motorbike to hop over a street railing stylishly.
  9. Dom backs his Charger off an airplane onto two cars and can still drive it after.
  10. Dom is then able to make two helicopters collide with one another using NOS after they send spears into his car.

The second FAST X trailer observations:

  1. We see the origin of the giant bomb, and it’s because Dante wants to blow up the Vatican.
  2. Dom is able to knock it off course with his car.
  3. Dante is far enough away from the blast to bask in it.
  4. Dom and his son escape two exploding 18-wheelers to drive down a dam exploding behind them.

Anyway, can I get a ticket, please?