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Would you actually work at Succession’s Waystar RoyCo?

Could a little family infighting deter you from accepting a job offer at the fictional media company?

Macall Polay/HBO

Succession enters its fourth and final season Sunday, with the Roy children all fighting for their places in the empire their father built. Season 3 ended with Logan Roy, the king of the corporation known as Waystar RoyCo, making the move to partner with GoJo and cast his children aside. We’ll see the ramifications of that decision in the fourth season.

Waystar RoyCo feels like a Disney-level company, with theme parks, video content and overall media dominance. They’ve also got cruises, international business interests and political sway. Working at WayStar RoyCo can be highly profitable, if you know the right people and are willing to cross every ethical boundary to make some money.

Working at WayStar RoyCo seems like a good way to move up the financial hierarchy, but clearly comes with some costs. We see Tom getting the “poison pill” with information about malpractice in the cruises division, Logan continuing to attempt to buy out other media conglomerates and the Roy children getting lofty positions despite knowing little about how the business works. If you are someone who worked your way up to eventually land a job in one of Waystar RoyCo’s divisions, you might realize the pay is actually not worth the hassle.

The main point here is you should work at Waystar RoyCo if you are willing to sacrifice your ethical principles in the name of making a profit. If you aren’t comfortable with that, this isn’t the company for you. There might be some divisions, like the theme parks and cruises, where you could get away with not being placed in an ethical dilemma. Every other arm of the Waystar RoyCo operation will require you to focus on the bottom line no matter the cost.