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These are some SAG-AFTRA contract details to note before members vote on the deal

Terms such as streaming revenue, A.I., healthcare, and retirement could potentially be improved.

Actors Strike Ends After 118 Days As Studios And Union Reach Deal

After going on strike for 118 days, the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) reached a tentative deal with the prominent Hollywood studio executives. Shortly after, SAG-AFTRA announced that its board had approved the agreement, 86 percent to 14 percent, and recommended that its union members vote to ratify it.

While still technically pending, the news sparked excitement from the union members and the more extensive base of supporters. Details will be explored in full detail in the future, but in an announcement, SAG-AFTRA summarized the key wins they secured amid going on strike.

As your favorite TV and film productions prepare to get back up and running, here’s a rundown of the biggest wins the SAG-AFRA gained in their new contract.

Streaming revenue

SAG-AFTRA And Studios Inch Closer To Deal After AI Breakthrough Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Revenue from streaming programs was a major focal point of the strike, and the guild noted it had secured a new compensation stream for actors in streaming shows and films. Rather than receiving a percentage of streaming revenue, actors will now get a “substantial bonus on top of existing residuals,” with the majority of said revenue going to the actors who worked on a project that meets specific viewing requirements.

The rest of the revenue will go to a “jointly-trusted distribution fund” distributed to other actors.

Compensation increases

SAG-AFTRA And Studios Inch Closer To Deal After AI Breakthrough Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Guild members will see two wage increases in the contract's first year. A seven percent increase will kick in following the ratification of the new deal, and another four percent in July of next year. Furthermore, members will see another 3.5 percent pay increase in July 2025. Background actors will also benefit, who will see pay raises but with an 11 percent increase up front instead of seven percent.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulations

While details will be explained in further detail, the guild noted it secured “meaningful protections around the use of artificial intelligence, including informed consent and compensation,” where members are replicated digitally using AI. This includes living and members who have passed away and whether they are created on set or licensed.

Diversity in Filmmaking

Several additions to the new deal address diversity in filmmaking, including preventative measures against sexual harassment. These include intimacy coordinators, gender-affirming care, forbidding biased practices in hair and makeup, and diversity statistics requirements.

Healthcare and Retirement

The guild indicated it had secured increased contribution caps of 43 percent for one-hour productions and nearly 67 percent for half-hour productions. SAG-AFTRA noted this will lead to more money for healthcare and pension retirement funds, which will keep actors qualified for benefits.