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Big Boy remembers Biggie, Nipsey and Kobe on All The Smoke

Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson welcomed the radio legend for All The Smoke’s debut episode on DraftKings Network.

All The Smoke has arrived on DraftKings Network! And for the debut episode on DKN, Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson welcomed the legendary Big Boy for an in-depth conversation on a wide range of topics.

The 2015 National Radio Hall of Fame inductee and two-time Marconi Award winner has seen and done it all, including serving as a bodyguard at one time for The Pharcyde. His nationally syndicated radio show can be heard on iHeartRadio.

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Of course, being based in Los Angeles, Big Boy has known some of the greats who have unfortunately left us too soon. For instance, he remembers when The Notorious B.I.G. was killed on March 9, 1997. He says it was another tragedy where you had to question what was happening. And he says the way it happened in L.A. it left you with an “Aw, man” feeling. It’s all the more poignant for Big Boy because the last time he saw Biggie he passed on getting a picture taken with him, figuring he would get the pic when Biggie came down to the station. Unfortunately, that picture never came. Big Boy says Biggie’s death personally hurt because he was a very good dude and the way that it happened, where it happened and when you consider how young he was.

He says Nipsey Hussle was another one whose death was real hard. Big Boy was very close to Nipsey and got emotional talking about him. Big Boy says Nipsey’s death was hard because you knew how good he was and just because of the way he was in the room with people. You just looked at him and knew he was special, Big Boy says. He also says it’s crazy because he has a chair in his studio that is his interviewing chair and he was talking about it one day and started thinking about all the people who have sat in that chair that are no longer with us. He says he misses the phone calls with Nipsey saying, “What up, bro,” and pushing a book on him. Big Boy says Nipsey was just always good in the room — looking at everybody, talking to everybody and just wise beyond his years. Not only was it hard, but he died in the social media climate, unlike Tupac or Biggie. Big Boy says he watched a video about Nipsey that he wishes he had never seen, and watching that and knowing his family just hit hard.

Stak said that one hit hard around the globe because there are a lot of people in the hip hop game but 98 percent of them aren’t leaders. Nipsey was a leader and Stak says hip hop is missing that. Big Boy says that like with the deaths of Tupac and Biggie before, he just hopes that we learn something from that, like how Nipsey was an entrepreneur. He just thought outside the box, Big Boy says.

And of course, you have to talk about Kobe Bryant. Big Boy says we saw it all with Kobe — the wins, the L’s, the championships. We saw everything, we saw him grow up before our eyes. Big Boy remembers the way he heard about Kobe passing is what really messed him up. It was a Sunday and he was driving and heard his wife get a call from his daughter who was behind them telling her that Kobe had died. And he heard that was like, “What’s going on?” Especially given all the speculation that was getting thrown about on social media. So Big Boy remembers that once they got to where they were going they started making phone calls, but he says that Kobe’s death hit the city, hit him personally and just as a dad, he remembers his daughter asking him if he thought Kobe had a chance to hug his daughter Gigi before they died. And Big Boy says he hoped so. He says your mind goes a thousand miles in a second and you know what’s happening, and that’s where Big Boy wonders what Kobe was thinking, what was he feeling. Big Boy says that he remembers doing his radio show, same as with Nipsey, when they turned on their mics it was probably two to three minutes of just crying before anybody said a word. Big Boy says he thinks he’s a sensitive person anyway, but each one of them meant something totally different

Watch or listen to the full episode below and make sure to keep an eye on DraftKings Network for new episodes every Thursday at 6 p.m. ET!


Big Boy | Ep 213 | ALL THE SMOKE Full Episode

This one is for the Hip Hop lovers out there. Legendary Los Angeles radio host, Big Boy, joins the guys for an incredible episode of ALL THE SMOKE. Big Boy dives into his long radio career, his past as a body guard for Pharcyde, staying out of the Death Row Records drama, relationship with Tupac and explains what LA was like when Dr Dre was leaving Death Row. Plus, he speaks about his acting career, DMX, the Lakers, and much more!


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