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Do the Warriors need a change of leadership?

Rachel Nichols and Boogie Cousins discuss the Warriors’ future in their debut episode of Bully Ball on DraftKings Network.

All The Smoke as well as its portfolio of shows has joined Meadowlark Media and DraftKings Network! And on Monday, Rachel Nichols and four-time NBA All-Star Demarcus Cousins made their debut on DKN with the latest episode of their show, Bully Ball.

Boogie came out of the gate hot with this idea: Maybe it is time for the Warriors to move on from Steve Kerr.

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After discussing the weekend trade that sent OG Anunoby to New York, the talk turned to the trade deadline — which is somehow only five weeks away — and what some teams in the West could do, including the Golden State Warriors.

Rachel says the Warriors are the team most in need of a shakeup, with Kerr noting recently that the team lacks grit.

Rachel notes that things just have not looked right on the court this season for Golden State, and given the limited widow left with Steph Curry, she thinks you have to do what it takes to give him a good team around him, even if it means trading the farm. But, does that mean the Warriors could end up trading one of their other Big Three stars?

Boogie says you can’t trade Klay Thompson and you can’t trade Draymond Green. He says this core group is what made the Warriors the Warriors. Not just on the court in bringing home four championships, but also dramatically increasing the value of the franchise. He even takes it one step further.

“I think it would be a complete slap in the face if you dealt any one of those guys,” Boogie says.

He says at the end of the day, the Warriors’ Big Three has to be allowed to leave with the proper respect that they are due. None of what exists for the Warriors exists without those three guys, Boogie says. He knows Draymond has been in the news lately for his antics, but he puts part of the blame for that on the NBA because it has allowed this behavior for a long time. Boogie points out that before Draymond’s behavior was labeled as passion and part of him being the heart of the team, but now all of a sudden he’s the villain and Boogie thinks that is BS.

Then Boogie goes out on a limb: After seeing Team USA struggle in the last Olympics there’s only one common denominator: Steve Kerr. Maybe, Boogie says, it’s time for new leadership in this Warriors locker room. After all, even the iPhone needs to get updates! Perhaps, it’s time for the Warriors to get an update, Boogie says — a new identity, a new system, something to get this core group over the hump.

Boogie points out he spent some time with Golden State, he knows the mood in that building. It’s super laid back, very nonchalant while still getting their work done and being professional. Now, Boogie says the organization needs some urgency to get them back in their rhythm and maybe it’s just time for new leadership. He still thinks this core group can work if the right pieces are put in place around them, even making Kerr’s system work, but right now it’s just not the case. So Boogie just thinks looking for new leadership should be an option that’s on the table.

Listen or watch the full show below and make sure to tune in to new episodes of Bully Ball every Monday at 6 p.m. ET on DraftKings Network!


Bully Ball: OG To The Knicks, Warriors Next Move, Trade Targets | Episode 8

  • New BULLY BALL episode is HERE. This week, Rachel and Boogie break down the big-time trade between the Knicks & Raptors that sent OG Anunoby to New York and Immanuel Quickley & RJ Barrett to Toronto. Plus, they discuss the Warriors’ future, and the biggest trade targets in the NBA.


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