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Pablo Torre Finds Out ... that the Lando show will actually be a movie?

Pablo Torre welcomes screenwriter and rapper Stephen Glover to discuss his secret Star Wars project, inventing memes with Donald and inspiring Atlanta.

Not only does Pablo Torre have a brand new show — Pablo Torre Finds Out, available wherever you get your podcasts — but now he’s in the Star Wars breaking news game.

Yes, that’s right. You want Star Wars news, you turn to Pablo Torre! Don’t worry, Pablo, we’ve got you covered!

Of course, with the ongoing WGA writers’ strike still ongoing, there’s really not much Stephen can say at the moment, but he said he can basically confirm that he and his brother Donald are working on a Lando Calrissian project with Donald set to return to the role he picked up from Billy Dee Williams in 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. It had been previously reported that it would be a series on Disney Plus, but Stephen says right now the idea is to do a movie (Lucasfilm later confirmed this to Variety). But given the game of telephone Hollywood has turned into right now amid the strikes, he can’t say much more. But fear not, Pablo can be an information broker between Stephen and the Walt Disney Company. May the Force be with him.

But one thing is for sure: Stephen LIVES for this.

Check out the whole episode for a whole lot more conversation, including about the acclaimed Atlanta and more. And watch out for more from future Galactic Senator, Pablo Torre!


Stephen Glover on His Secret Star Wars Movie, Inventing Memes with Donald, and Inspiring Atlanta

  • PTFO SOURCES: The new Lando show isn’t actually a show. Pablo hangs with the screenwriter and rapper to find out how real life inspired he and his brother Donald’s award-winning art — and why they’re not afraid of internet backlash. Also: evil fortune-tellers, jail baloney, Spider-Man Cartoon Maker, and Jim Carrey’s Riddler. Hollywood!


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