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Jared Carrabis Joins DraftKings with Two New Podcasts to Kick Off the MLB Season

With MLB Opening Day here, Jared Carrabis throws out the first pitch on his new shows “Baseball is Dead” and “Jared Carrabis: A Red Sox Podcast” at DraftKings.

Jared Carrabis is a name that’s been linked to Major League Baseball (and specifically The Boston Red Sox) for years. His passion for the game has been channeled into an unbiased perspective on baseball while hosting the biggest names in the game on a number of podcasts and video vlogs. The self-proclaimed “Tribal Chief of Baseball,” Carrabis is set to bring his unique and unfiltered opinion about America’s Pastime via two new podcasts for DraftKings.

Starting April 7th (coincidentally also MLB Opening Day), baseball fans will be able enjoy “Baseball is Dead” and “Jared Carrabis” on all listening platforms.

Baseball is Dead Podcast

Carrabis will be hosting a national MLB podcast that’s designed to continue growing the game of baseball. This will not be for people who tried to proudly proclaim that the sport of baseball has been “dead.” It’s far from that. This show will also feature former MLB pitcher and currently Oakland A’s analyst Dallas Braden. These two are no strangers to each other and this will bring their dynamic chemistry to DraftKings. If it happens during the baseball season, these two will cover it. Featuring a robust guest list of who’s who within the world of baseball, this will be a staple for baseball fans all season long.

Jared Carrabis: A Red Sox Podcast

It’s well known that Carrabis lives and breathes baseball. His team has and always will be the Boston Red Sox, so why not let him talk about it? This unfiltered podcast will feature contributions from Pete Blackburn of Bally Sports and former MLB pitcher Pat Light. No one covers the Red Sox more extensively than Carrabis and with his crew alongside him, this podcast will bring Red Sox fans closer to the team than ever.

Check out all things “Baseball is Dead” here and “Jared Carrabis” here for links to full episodes and each pod’s social channels. And also make sure to subscribe to the Jared Carrabis YouTube page for more content and to watch each episode as they’re released.