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USFL Fantasy Football: How To Play DFS USFL on DraftKings

Pearce Dietrich explains the rules for the new USFL contests at DraftKings for the 2022 season.

Spring Football is here and USFL contests have sprung up at DraftKings. Classic and Showdown contests will be available for the historic opening night on Saturday, April 16. The USFL scoring system and rules at DraftKings are nearly identical to DFS scoring in the NFL. The only scoring changes are minor and reflect the USFL’s innovative rule changes.

Below are the changes that DFS players need to know to get in on the USFL action this spring.

Conversion Attempts

The USFL tweaked the traditional conversion attempt rules. One-point and two-point attempts remain the same, but they have added a three-point conversion. A team can choose to attempt a conversion from the 10-yard line. If successful, the team earns three points. With the ability to score nine points on a possession, no lead is safe and the hope of a comeback is always alive in the USFL.

Individual offensive players will not accumulate yards and receptions during conversion attempts. They will earn two points or three points for a scoring pass, rush or reception on a conversion.

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4th Down Alternative Kickoff Attempt

The onside kick remains, but the USFL added another option for teams attempting to maintain possession. In its quest to keep trailing teams alive, the USFL allows a team to attempt a fourth-and-12 from their 33-yard line. If the offense converts the make-it-take-it play, then they keep the ball from that spot. If they fail, the defense gets the ball at that spot.

Individual offensive players will accumulate yards and receptions during 4th Down Alternative Kickoff Attempts.


The USFL’s overtime is similar to a hockey shootout. One team will attempt to score from the 2-yard line, then the opposing offense will take their turn. The winner of the best-of-three wins. For DFS, yards will not be gained or lost during these attempts. Similar to conversions after touchdowns, players will earn two points for a scoring pass, rush or reception.

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Double Forward Pass

The double forward pass has been common in spring leagues, but it has not revolutionized the game. Teams can pass the ball forward twice as long as the first catch and subsequent pass occur behind the line of scrimmage.

In the event of a double forward pass play, only the second pass outcome will be scored for passing and receiving stats.

Lineup Requirements for Classic Mode

With fewer games and a smaller player pool than the NFL, DraftKings has adjusted the lineup requirements of a Classic lineup. See the difference below.

Positions Breakdown

1 QB 1 QB
2 RB 1 RB
3 WR 2 WR or TE

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