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Fantasy Esports Picks: League of Legends (LCS) Top DraftKings DFS Targets for February 5

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Friday’s League of Legends (LCS) DraftKings DFS action, which locks at 6:00 p.m. ET.

2018 Mid-Season Invitational Groups Day 5 Photo by Wojciech Wandzel/Riot Games via Getty Images

The LCS opens up its spring split on Friday with a round of five games. There were many changes to the rosters during last year’s free-agency transfer window. Here is a look at how that might impact your roster construction for Friday’s DraftKings LCS slate.

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Zven ($12,000)

Despite a startling end to summer for Cloud9, there is no change in the fantasy potential of Zven. Cloud9 will continue to be the most aggressive team in the LCS this season, which makes Zven a high-reward target. In summer of 2020, he had a sub-par 3.72 kills (by his standards), but he lifted his KDA to 7.23 by maintaining his defensive proficiency (he had just 1.22 deaths per map).

Others to consider: Perkz ($11,100)


Impact ($6,000)

Impact made the intra-league move from Liquid to Evil Geniuses during free agency last year. Impact had 2.22 kills but also had a high death rate of 2.61 per map. However, he still provided plenty of value with his kill participation which neared 8 through his 5.11 assists per map. He even had a creep score of 268.

Others to consider: Ssumday ($6,600)


Dardoch ($6,600)

Dardoch played several academy games last year for Dignitas before he was moved into the starting lineup. In 13 games, he had stellar returns of 2.92 kills and 5.08 assists with a KDA of 3.15. More than his numbers, he provided Dignitas with some consistency and reliability in the jungle.

Others to consider: Spica ($6,800)


Perkz ($7,400)

Perkz, at a price of $7,400, is an absolute steal. After G2 brought in Fnatic’s Rekkles, Perkz was forced to find a new home. He fits beautifully in Cloud9’s style of play. Perkz was decent in the middle lane in summer in the LEC, but he might find a few more kills per game in the LCS with an aggressive team.

Others to consider: Jensen ($8,000)


Tactical ($8,200)

If you’re bold enough, you will always find a valuable bot laner in the LEC or LCS. On this slate, I wouldn’t even try. Tactical was one of the most efficient bot laners in the LCS last year, providing Liquid with far more than just kill production. He finished summer with a team-leading KDA of 7.09 and creep score of 351. Without budgetary constraints on this slate, Tactical is a simple decision.

Others to consider: FBI ($7,600)


Vulcan ($5,600)

Cloud9 was so dominant in the lanes last season that Vulcan had an average of one kill per game as a support player. He finished summer with a KDA of 6.85, third in Cloud9. He even added 8.89 assists per game in that campaign.


FlyQuest ($4,200)

FlyQuest lost several key cogs of a highly-functioning wheel in free agency. However, it is one team that has continued to surprise despite being stacked against the odds. TSM ($5,200) first lost mid laner Bjergsen after his retirement before ADC Doublelift joined him. That could leave them TSM without much firepower in the lanes.

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.