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Autograph Regular Seasons Collection Breakdown

Learn everything you need to know about the Regular Seasons Collection by Autograph and how they are related to Preseason Access Passes.

DraftKings Marketplace is live and users have been able to purchase NFTs through Drops (where DraftKings lists new NFTs on the Marketplace) and from other users on the secondary market. Here’s what you need to know about Autograph’s upcoming Drops.

What are Preseason Access Passes?

Preseason Access Passes are collectible items from the first-ever NFT collections dropped by Autograph. They also give pass holders preferential access to another upcoming Autograph drop, which will be “Regular Season Collections”.

Okay, so what are Regular Season Collections?

Regular Season Collections feature the same icons as the Preseason Access Passes. For example, if you hold a Tom Brady Preseason Access Pass, you will receive preferential access to his collection: the “Tom Brady Regular Season Collection.” After purchasing these items, you will have the opportunity to collect complete sets to receive Exclusive Collectibles.

What does “preferential access” mean?

  • Two days prior to the public drop, there will be an “Early Access Period.”
  • In order to be eligible for the Early Access Period, users must own a Preseason Access Pass (or Preseason Access Passes) for that icon partner by the Early Access Deadline, which will be two hours before the Early Access Period. The Early Access Period will open at 5:00 pm ET on a designated date. Only users who hold that icon’s Preseason Access Pass at 3:00 pm ET on that same day can participate.
  • Users who participate in the Early Access Period will be eligible to go to the DraftKings Marketplace and purchase “mystery containers”. If you are eligible for the Early Access Period, you can purchase a mystery container at any time without having to join a waiting room/queue.
  • Two hours after the end of the Early Access Period, the “Public Drop” will begin.
  • During the Public Drop, any user can purchase a mystery container that is available after the “Early Access Period”.

How many mystery containers can I purchase?

The number of mystery containers a user is eligible to purchase during the Early Access Period depends on how many Preseason Access Passes they own at the beginning of the Early Access Deadline.

For the Public Drop, users can purchase a maximum of one mystery container.

What else do I need to know about the mystery containers?

  • Users can open their mystery containers starting on the “Reveal Date”, which is seven days after the start of the Early Access Period.
  • Users are not required to open their mystery containers.
  • Mystery containers hold one of 10 possible collectibles. These collectibles are made up of five types (which are chosen by the icon partner based on items relevant to their career), and are broken into two tiers (Fantasy Edition and Gallery Edition).

“Resolve: The Naomi Osaka Manga Collection” Update

Important Dates

Icon Collection Resolve: The Naomi Osaka Manga Collection
Icon Collection Resolve: The Naomi Osaka Manga Collection
Early Access Deadline 1/18/2022 at 3pm ET
Early Access Period Start Time 1/18/2022 at 5pm ET
Early Access Period End Time 1/20/2022 at 3pm ET
Public Drop Start Time 1/20/2022 at 5pm ET
Reveal Date 1/25/2022 at 3pm ET

Cost and Quantity

Icon Collection Resolve: The Naomi Osaka Manga Collection
Icon Collection Resolve: The Naomi Osaka Manga Collection
Total Collectible Quantity in all Naomi Osaka Mystery Containers 11,000
Price Per Naomi Osaka Mystery Container USD $40.00
Collectible Per Mystery Container One

Collectible Breakdown

# Rarity Collectible Type Collectible Name Edition Count
# Rarity Collectible Type Collectible Name Edition Count
1 Fantasy Edition Maneki-Neko Naomi Osaka Maneki-Neko #’d / 4,000 total
2 Fantasy Edition Ushi Naomi Osaka Ushi #’d / 2,500 total
3 Fantasy Edition Kagami Naomi Osaka Kagami #’d / 1,750 total
4 Fantasy Edition Hana Naomi Osaka Hana #’d / 1,000 total
5 Fantasy Edition Yōsei Naomi Osaka Yōsei #’d / 750 total
6 Gallery Edition Maneki-Neko Naomi Osaka Gallery Edition Maneki-Neko #’d / 500 total
7 Gallery Edition Ushi Naomi Osaka Gallery Edition Ushi #’d / 250 total
8 Gallery Edition Kagami Naomi Osaka Gallery Edition Kagami #’d / 150 total
9 Gallery Edition Hana Naomi Osaka Gallery Edition Hana #’d / 75 total
10 Gallery Edition Yosei Naomi Osaka Gallery Edition Yosei #’d / 25 total

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