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Fantasy Esports Picks: League of Legends (LCK-LPL) Tournament Top DraftKings DFS Targets for January 28

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Thursday morning’s League of Legends (LCK-LPL) DraftKings DFS action, which locks at 3:00 a.m. ET.

2020 League Of Legends World Championship Final Photo by Luo Yufeng/VCG via Getty Images

The LPL and LCK resume on Thursday morning with four games across both leagues. We take a look at some picks to consider for your DraftKings League of Legends roster on Thursday.

Set your DraftKings fantasy League of Legends lineups here: LCK-LPL $40K Shock Blast [$10K to 1st]


Gumayusi ($12,000)

Gumayusi has had the unenviable task of replacing Teddy ($11,700) in the bottom lane for T1 this season. He has done a steady job so far, putting up 5.25 kills with 3 assists and 2.17 deaths per game. He would want that kill participation rate to increase a bit to improve on his current KDA of 3.81. However, he is second in the LCK in creep score (351.42).

Other to consider: huanfeng ($12,300)


bin ($6,800)

Suning has started this spring split a tad slowly but there has been progress in the top lane with bin’s consistency. He has a K/D ratio of over 1 (2.67 kills and 2.44 deaths per game), which is the first check mark for a top laner in LoL fantasy. He has also racked up six assists per game, which takes his kill participation close to 10.

Other to consider: Canna ($6,400)


Pyosik ($6,200)

Pyosik is an incredibly valuable selection because of a strong combination of inexpensive price and high effectiveness in the jungle. His kill participation has been consistent over the last few splits, not just this spring. He has 2.42 kills and 2.08 deaths with a KDA of 3.72. For a price of $6,200, those average returns far exceed his cost.

Other to consider: SofM ($7,000)


Angel ($7,600)

Suning will want Angel to increase his kill rate, which is currently at 2.89. Considering his proximity to the top and bottom lane as well as the site of dragons, he should have a higher death rate because most team fights break out around this area in Summoner’s Rift. He has been efficient in other areas though, particularly his low death rate of 1.78 with a KDA of 4.81.

Other to consider: Ucal ($7,000)


huanfeng ($8,200)

huanfeng’s price might be too high to pick him as Captain, but he should at least fill this position in your roster. He has had a stunning split so far across the board. He has a team-leading KDA of 5.25, built on 4.89 kills, 1.89 deaths and 5.22 assists per game. He even leads the LPL in creep score (383.22).

Other to consider: Aiming ($7,800)


Chance ($4,400)

Chance has mirrored his team’s sub-standard performance in spring so far, managing just 4.71 assists per game with a disappointing KDA of 1.21. However, I would expect LGD Gaming to get increasingly better as this season progresses and Chance to improve in direct proportion.


DRX ($4,800)

I wouldn’t spend too much on Team on this slate. There are just too many permutations to consider, which is why I’d back a decent DRX team to compete against a middling KT Rolster team. DRX has won 7 of 12 maps in spring so far, not too bad by any measure. You will be left with exactly 0 if you pick your roster exactly like above.

Set your DraftKings fantasy League of Legends lineups here: LCK-LPL $40K Shock Blast [$10K to 1st]

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.