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Fantasy Esports Picks: League of Legends (LPL-LCS-LEC) Top DraftKings LOL DFS Targets for August 23

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Sunday’s League of Legends (LPL-LCS-LEC) DraftKings DFS action, which locks at 5:00 a.m. ET.

In this screengrab taken from the League of Legends Mid-Season Cup, the stage is seen during the League of Legends Mid-Season Cup Grand Final between FunPlus Phoenix and Top Esports at the LPL Arena on May 31. Photo by Getty Images/Getty Images

More best-of-five League of Legends action is scheduled for Sunday, including a tight game between Rogue and Fnatic in the LEC. We break down DraftKings’ Sunday mixed slate from the LPL, LEC and LCS.

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Loken ($11,700)

Loken has continued in this split where he left off in the spring. He had a fantastic offensive regular season in summer, averaging 4.44 kills and 6.72 assists. He lifted his KDA to 6.3 on account of a low death rate of 1.77. That’s impressive because, with such an aggressive template, it’s rare to have such strong defense as well.

Others to consider: Doublelift ($11,400)


Broken Blade ($6,400)

Even though Broken Blade had a K/D of under 1 during the best-of-one games, he still provided plenty of fantasy value due to his assist rate of 5.39 per map. He has averaged 27.6 DKFP per game, which is high for a top laner in a competitive league like the LCS. He should see his kill participation go up against Golden Guardians.

Others to consider: Bwipo ($6,000)


SelfMade ($6,200)

Players from Fnatic will make for the most valuable players in this slate. You will have to select carefully though. Jungler seems like a good option to use at that inexpensive price because a high kill rate isn’t expected in this category. SelfMade actually had a solid regular season, with three kills and a KDA of 3.48 per game.

Others to consider: Kanavi ($7,200)


Yagao ($7,600)

This won’t be an easy choice with Bjergsen ($7,400) also having a clear and distinct matchup advantage. However, Yagao seems to be more of an attacking mid laner, which gives him more chances to create a kill opportunity. He usually dives right into fight engagements and he has the best KDA on his team (6.56) with 3.9 kills and 1.9 deaths per map.

Others to consider: Bjergsen ($7,400)


Doublelift ($7,600)

Doublelift has been tremendous right through this season. He has adapted quickly to a new team’s style and now leads them through team fights. He didn’t have fantastic kill participation (4.22 kills and 3.44 assists per game) but had a creep score of 346. He also had an average of 30.6 DKFP per game, which is extremely high in best-of-one games.

Others to consider: Hans Sama ($7,400)


Vander ($5,400)

A support player is free to engage liberally in engagements. If that support player can stay solid defensively, it changes the dynamics of team fights. Vander’s exceptional defensive qualities have done just that for Rogue. He has only been killed an average of one time per map during the summer season.


Team SoloMid ($5,200)

Even though TSM won just three games more in the regular season, there is a discernible difference in their skill and experience versus that of their upcoming opponents Golden Guardians ($4,600). In a best-of-five game, the more skilled team almost always comes through, which will be TSM in this case.

Set your DraftKings lineups here: LOL $35K Shock Blast [$10K to 1st] (LPL-LEC-LCS)

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.