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Fantasy Esports Picks: League of Legends (LCS) Top DraftKings LOL DFS Targets for August 2

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Sunday, August 2nd’s League of Legends (LCS) action, which locks at 4:00 p.m. ET.

League of Legends Mid-Season Cup Photo by Riot Games/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images

The playoffs of the summer split are quickly approaching, which makes several of these games extremely important. We take a look at how that might impact roster construction for DraftKings’ LCS slate on Sunday.

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Cody Sun ($11,700)

An AD Carry should ideally have a kill rate higher than 3 to provide enough penetrative power to a team. That opens up the ability to enter an opponent base by claiming the neutral objectives. To be fair, Cody Sun hasn’t been able to do that this split. He has just 2.6 kills and 4.4 assists, but he has an advantageous matchup in this game, which should see him finish with a higher kill rate.

Other to consider: Zven ($12,300)


Hauntzer ($6,000)

Despite having a poor K/D return in this split (1.73 kills and 2.27 deaths), Hauntzer has a decent KDA of 3.06. That isn’t bad for a top laner that has that kill to death ratio. He has even been strong in clutch scenarios, winning crucial two-on-two engagements. He even has a creep score of 294.

Other to consider: Solo ($6,200)


Contractz ($6,800)

100 Thieves has had some fluidity in this split. The team has used seven players in a five-team roster. Contractz has played 9 games this season out of 100 Thieves’ 15. In this period, he has been the most productive asset, with 3.44 kills and 5.56 assists per game. That is also the highest kill participation in 100 Thieves in summer.

Other to consider: Santorin ($7,000)


Nisqy ($8,000)

By Nisqy’s usual standards, he has been a bit off this season, in terms of kill participation. He has just 2.4 kills per map, definitely lower than his normal production. Still, he has been so potent that he has a KDA of 8.05. He has been killed an average of 1.33 times with 8.33 assists per game.

Other to consider: Ryoma ($7,400)


Zven ($8,200)

It hasn’t taken long for Zven to increase his overall output. He has quickly risen to 3.87 kills per game with 5 assists. You would expect a high death rate with such an aggressive template but he has just 1.33 deaths per map. These are stunning numbers for one of the best bottom laners in the LCS.

Others to consider: FBI ($7,400)


Huhi ($4,800)

Huhi has 7.2 assists per game along with 0.8 kills this split, with a KDA of 3.08. Any support player with these statistical returns is worth their salt. Golden Guardians has lost 8 of 15 games in summer, making these numbers gradually better.


100 Thieves ($5,200)

This 100 Thieves team has been rather underwhelming this split. There are several problems with the summer performance, the biggest being a 5-10 record. There is a fantastic chance to improve that record on Sunday against an Immortals team that doesn’t stack up equally, from a personnel standpoint.

Set your DraftKings lineups here: LOL $30K Kill Lane [$10K to 1st] (LCS)

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.