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Fantasy Esports Picks: CS:GO (Nine to Five) Top DraftKings DFS Targets for August 17

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Monday’s CS:GO (Nine to Five) DraftKings DFS slate, which locks at 9:00 a.m. ET.

A general view of Team Assassins against Team Dignitas during the CS:GO World Finals on Day Two of the Girl Gamer Esports Festival at Meydan Racecourse on Feb. 22. Photo by Christopher Pike/Getty Images

The Nine to Five tournament is back on Monday with four more games, which also constitute DraftKings’ main CS:GO slate. We break down some suggestions for Captain and flex positions below.

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Xsepower ($14,100)

While Forze has been rather inconsistent in these last few months, Xsepower hasn’t. He has been one of the most reliable players in teams outside the top 10. In the previous game against Giants, he had 55 kills and 28 deaths, with an ADR of 99.1. He was terrific with the AK as well as the AWP in that encounter, showcasing his proficiency with both long-range weapons.

Others to consider: Kei ($14,700)

High-priced flex options

Kei ($9,800)

In Avez’s previous win, against Izako Boars, Kei was atypically passive. He still generated a solid K-D of +5, but that was well below his usual level of production as he eventually registered 28 kills. Kei has been his team’s most potent and incisive killing weapon. Against Singularity, Kei will have to step up and be a bit more proactive in order to increase his kill rate per round.

Tenzki ($10,600)

Tenzki is easily the most productive Nordavind player, from an output standpoint. That makes him an important inclusion to balance out your roster as much as possible. Case in point was the previous game, where he had 70 kills and 51 deaths with an astounding K-D of +19 over three maps. He might not be the best choice for Captain, but should at least fill one flex position.

Byali ($8,200)

Two players from Avez isn’t a bad idea. Despite the odd bad day, Avez has been quite consistent. Byali has mirrored that performance. He had 43 kills and 18 deaths, helping Avez demolish Izako Boars in that previous win. He even had an ADR of 104. He has averaged close to 50 DKFP per game (49.2). He isn’t far away from carrying that well over 50.

Others to consider: Cromen ($8,800)

Value flex options

H4rn ($7,600)

For $7,600, H4rn is definitely a bargain purchase. He had 54 kills and 36 deaths in Fate’s previous fixture, against Penta, with an ADR of 85.7. He has averaged just 37.8 DKFP per game but that will only move up as Fate plays more games. From a price and return perspective, the balance is skewed heavily in favor of a high return for this cost.

Facecrack ($6,800)

Facecrack is more a stacking play than anything else. Forze is expected to be too strong in this game. He has been steady at his job, providing occasional offensive superiority. He had just 32 kills and 39 deaths in that win against Giants. However, there is enough evidence to suggest he could still provide a strong return on this affordable investment of $6,800.

Others to consider: Mar ($6,600)

Set your DraftKings lineups here: CS:GO $30K Clutch [$10K to 1st] (Nine to Five)

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.