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Fantasy Esports Picks: CS:GO (IEM): Top DraftKings DFS Targets for December 15

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Tuesday morning’s CS:GO (IEM) DraftKings DFS action, which locks at 6:00 a.m. ET.

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After an intriguing Blast Fall series, top-tier CS:GO moves on to the Intel Extreme Masters on Tuesday. Here is a breakdown of the players to consider to constitute your DraftKings roster from Tuesday’s three-game slate.

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ZywOo ($14,700)

Astralis, Natus Vincere, top tier, lower tier, it doesn’t really matter to ZywOo. He has been arguably the world’s best CS:GO player this year, which makes him an automatic selection irrespective of his form. When he is in fine rhythm, as was the case in the previous game against Astralis, he is almost a requisite as fantasy Captain. He had 58 kills and 42 deaths at an ADR of 83.9 in a splendid performance on Monday in the Blast Fall series final.

Others to consider: s1mple ($12,900)

High-priced flex options

s1mple ($8,600)

Not far behind in the list of most proficient killers in CS:GO is s1mple, who has probably lost the title as best player because of his team’s inexplicable struggle this year. Still, his class is always a reliable characteristic. Natus Vincere was blown away in the lower bracket final of the Blast Fall competition 16-11, 16-7, but you wouldn’t know that was the scoreline with s1mple’s returns of 45 kills and 32 deaths at an ADR of 94.4, primarily operating with the AWP.

device ($10,200)

Titles will be Astralis’ objective, but the team will also be glad with a return to form from device after a tough start to the year. He managed just 48 kills and 56 deaths against Vitality, which is still a decent fantasy return. In the game preceding, he helped Astralis make the final with a game-leading K-D of +13 (40 kills and 27 deaths) against a tricky opponent in Natus Vincere.

magisk ($7,800)

With Astralis back in form, it might be a prudent idea to stack from there. Emil “magisk” Reif is an able stacking target, especially after his team-leading 49 kills against Vitality in the final. In Astralis’ three-pronged attacking core, magisk is often undervalued, which is evident from the difference in his price. He has averaged 58.8 DKFP per game, a high return for an affordable price of $7,800.

Others to consider: Nivera ($9,000)

Value flex options

syrsoN ($7,200)

syrsoN’s value is far too low on this slate. He is BIG’s most influential player, at least offensively. Evidence of that statement lies in his returns in the last two games. He led BIG in kills in both those games (49 kills against Vitality and 36 kills in Astralis). Even though BIG is up against the might of Vitality, it might make sense to hedge your roster with a terrific player.

jks ($6,000)

jks was 100 Thieves’ star. In Complexity, his price and value has dropped significantly. Even though his returns have played a hand in that, he is immensely valuable at a price of just $6,000 because of his versatility. He can stay calm to defuse bombs in close-range, disadvantageous matchups and can even use long-range weapons to create a man advantage.

Others to consider: blameF ($7,400)

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.