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Fantasy Esports Picks: League of Legends (Worlds) Top DraftKings LOL DFS Targets for October 10

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Saturday morning’s League of Legends (Worlds) DraftKings DFS action, which locks at 4:00 a.m. ET.

League of Legends – 2020 Worlds Group Stage: Day 5 Photo by David Lee/Riot Games/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images

Three teams are locked at the top of Group C, with 2-1 records. That will change by the end of Saturday, when four teams play six games in a round robin. Here’s a breakdown of the players to consider for DraftKings’ six-game Worlds slate.

Note: Each team will play three games in a round-robin format. Players will score points for each game played.

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Ruler ($11,700)

Again, it’s important to first pick the team you think is the strongest. That is a slight change in strategy because of the round-robin style of this slate. Gen.G is hard to look past as the best team on this slate. Ruler, Gen.G’s bot laner, has maintained a steady kill participation of 10 with a death rate of 2.67. He even has a creep score of 314 at this event.

Other to consider: Kramer ($11,400)


Bwipo ($6,000)

Bwipo is nearly the least expensive top laner on this slate. He is certainly worth a lot more than that. Even though his kill to death ratio is under one, he still adds plenty of fantasy value. He has registered 1.67 kills per game along with 4.67 assists. Fnatic should win at least one, maybe two games on Saturday as well.

Other to consider: LangX ($6,200)


Clid ($6,800)

Clid has generated some solid offensive returns so far. He has a kill to death ratio of exactly 1.0 (2.33 kills and 2.33 deaths), but he has also added 6.33 assists to that with a KDA of 3.71. These are stellar returns for a jungler because it’s indicative of an aggressive style in team fights. That death rate being decent is also down to technically-efficient disengagement.

Other to consider: SelfMade ($6,600)


Xiye ($7,400)

Xiye has played a lot of maps for LGD Gaming in these last few weeks. LGD started Worlds quite passively but has picked up the pace now. Xiye has played a massive part in the team’s turnaround. Here is proof of that. He has averaged 6.33 kills, 1.67 deaths and 5.67 assists with a team-leading KDA of 7.2.

Other to consider: Nemesis ($7,000)


Rekkles ($7,400)

This is a strategic selection. Here’s why. Ideally, you’d want your bot laner to be the most aggressive player on his or her respective team. That isn’t the case with LGD’s Kramer ($7,600) considering Xiye’s proficiency. TSM might not have the requisite offensive spirit to win more than one game on Saturday. And I’ve already picked Ruler as my Captain. By the process of elimination, Rekkles seems the best choice for mid laner on this slate.

Other to consider: Kramer ($7,600)


Hylissang ($5,000)

Hylissang has plenty of work to do to improve his kill participation. He has had a slightly underwhelming Worlds so far. He has averaged one kill and 5.33 assists per game. His KDA of 2.38 isn’t flashy, but he should improve on these numbers by the end of Saturday’s games.


Gen.G ($5,400)

Gen.G is the beneficiary in your roster after the inexpensive choice of Hylissang. Gen.G has won two of three games at Worlds so far, but there is plenty of skill and depth in that roster to be able to continue that consistency. Gen.G is one of the LCK’s best teams, which should show on Saturday.

Set your DraftKings fantasy League of Legends lineups here: LOL Series $75K Shock Blast [$20K to 1st] (Worlds)

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.