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Fantasy Esports Picks: CS:GO (BLAST) Top DraftKings DFS Targets for October 26

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Monday’s CS:GO (BLAST) DraftKings DFS action, which locks at 11:30 a.m. ET.

A general view of Team Assassins against Team Dignitas during the CS:GO World Finals on Day Two of the Girl Gamer Esports Festival at Meydan Racecourse on Feb. 22. Photo by Christopher Pike/Getty Images

The Blast Premier Series is back. Two important fixtures constitute DraftKings’ main CS:GO slate on Monday. Here is a detailed breakdown of the reasons to back a few players for your DraftKings roster from the two-game slate.

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s1mple ($13,500)

It isn’t often that you would see s1mple with an astonishingly low K-D of -15. He had just 27 kills and 42 deaths in a 2-0 loss to on Saturday. Natus Vincere was forced to forfeit the previous game on Sunday due to health issues after going 1-0 down. It will come down to s1mple to catalyze this process for Natus Vincere in a new tournament after a disappointing run at IEM New York.

Others to consider: CeRq ($11,700)

High-priced flex options

CeRq ($7,800)

CeRq has been in astonishing form this year. He has overtaken Brehze to be Evil Geniuses’ most potent offensive weapon. That means he will lead the offensive production on most occasions. He has been averaging 0.73 kills and 0.62 deaths in the past three months of CS:GO action. He will continue to be a key cog for EG’s kill count in this Blast tournament, starting on Monday.

Brehze ($8,200)

By his usual standards, the first half of this year was underwhelming for Brehze. He has started to turn that form around in the past few months. In fact, in the past three months, he has racked up a terrific average of 0.84 kills with just 0.61 deaths. That disparity between kills and deaths is where true fantasy value lies. If he can come close to repeating this level of efficiency, you will be richly rewarded.

mantuu ($7,000)

OG has been a team on a mission. A lot of credit has to be given to mantuu for putting the team in a position from which upsets would be possible. Now, those aren’t upsets because the OG roster is quickly improving. mantuu has been OG’s commander-in-chief, in terms of strategy as well as kill production. He had a solid 43 kills and 32 deaths (K-D of +11) with an ADR of 80.3 in the previous game against Sprout.

Others to consider: electronic ($8,600).

Value flex options

Plopski ($6,800)

Even if his role has changed in NiP, Plopski has always been a key part of his team’s effectiveness. That’s because, from a skill perspective, he is excellent in his management of long-range weapons. In the past two games, he has racked up 102 kills with an average damage per round of over 80. At $6,800, Plopski is a steal.

nawwk ($6,600)

nawwk can often be guilty of being inconsistent but he certainly found his offensive fluency in a 2-1 loss to Heroic on Saturday, keeping Ninjas in Pyjamas in that matchup for a long duration. He led his team in kills with 48. His ADR of 58.9 was low, but he found some quick hits early in rounds. If he can just dominate his defensive game and stay alive longer in rounds, then his fantasy value will multiply rapidly.

Others to consider: tarik ($7,000).

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.