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Fantasy Esports Picks: League of Legends (Worlds) Top DraftKings LOL DFS Targets for October 11

Nikhil Kalro shares his targets for Sunday’s League of Legends (Worlds) DraftKings DFS action, which locks at 4:00 a.m. ET.

League of Legends – 2020 Worlds Group Stage: Day 3 Photo by Yicun Liu/Riot Games/Riot Games Inc. via Getty Images

Top Esports and DragonX, two of the best teams at Worlds, will be in action as part of the tournament’s action from Group D on Sunday. We take a look at the players to consider for your DraftKings roster from the six-game slate.

Note: Each team will play three games in a round-robin format. Players will score points for each game played.

Set your DraftKings lineup here: LOL Series $40K Kill Lane [$10K to 1st] (Worlds)


JackeyLove ($12,000)

Even though JackeyLove’s kill rate isn’t as high as he would have liked, he has still maintained a stellar kill participation rate. He has averaged 4 kills and 13.67 assists with just 1.33 deaths, which gives him a terrific KDA of 13.25. He is one of the best bot laners at Worlds. With three games to score points from, he should be an easy choice for Captain.

Others to consider: Knight ($11,700)


Solo ($5,600)

The primary reason for Solo’s selection is to improve the average salary remaining per player. His judgment of engagement in team fights has been poor at this event. That’s quite evident from his death rate of 5.67 per game. That’s far too high, and it often puts his team in further trouble because of the man disadvantage. He should put in a better performance on Sunday.

Others to consider: Doran ($6,400)


Pyosik ($7,000)

Pyosik has been simply sensational at Worlds. He is leading all teams in kills per game in this main stage, averaging 7 per game. He also has 6 assists and a low death rate of 1.67 per game to give him his KDA of 7.8. By jungler standards, these numbers are extremely hard to replicate. That form should make him a compelling selection for Sunday’s slate.

Others to consider: Karsa ($7,200)


Knight ($7,800)

This is another rather simple choice. Knight has carried on from where he left off in the LPL’s summer split. He has generated 5.67 kills per game, tied for second at this tournament. He has been one of the best offensive players in China and he is starting to widen that net to the rest of the world now.

Others to consider: Chovy ($7,400)


Deft ($7,600)

The LCK is a very interesting league because it sets itself apart from the rest of world with a slower, more methodical style of destroying a nexus. That’s usually why you would see lower death rates for teams in the LCK, as compared to the LCS or the LEC. That is well illustrated in Deft’s stats, not just at Worlds but through this year. At this event, he has averaged 2.33 kills, 1 death and 7.67 assists, with a KDA of 10.

Others to consider: WildTurtle ($7,000)


IgNar ($5,000)

After the above selections, you will be left with just $10,000 for support and team. IgNar at a price of $5,000 seems reasonable. He has a decent assists average of 6.67 per map, with 0.33 kills. With a 1-2 team record, that’s not too bad.


DragonX ($5,000)

I suspect DragonX will lose only to the might of Top Esports ($5,400) on Sunday. Since there isn’t enough to draft Top Esports, DragonX is definitely the next best choice. The team has won two of three games so far at Worlds, which could also be the record in Sunday’s games.

Set your DraftKings lineup here: LOL Series $40K Kill Lane [$10K to 1st] (Worlds)

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Nikhil Kalro is the Founder and CEO of Altletics Esports.