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Pablo Torre Finds Out ... why Taylor Swift and football are under fire on the political right

Pablo is joined by Mina Kimes and Dan Le Batard to discuss why some conservatives are suddenly criticizing football and what role Taylor Swift is playing in that.

Pablo spoke with Mina Kimas and Dan Le Batard on on Pablo Torre Finds Out ahead of the Super Bowl for the latest Share and Tell episode and wanted to discuss football, Taylor Swift and the American right wing’s reaction to both.

After playing a clip from One America News Network, Pablo is fascinated by the thought that the right wing has decided to attack sports as a concept, which to him is the worst political strategy for that group of all time.

Mina is reminded of someone criticizing Taylor for flying in a private jet, seemingly making a pro-climate change argument without realizing it. She says some have gone so far right that they’re suddenly they’re flanking from the left. Mina says sports and Taylor Swift are the closest things we have in modern society to monoculture. They are two of the few things that are a part of our common experience that everybody consumes, or as Pablo points out two of the few quintessential “big tents” remaining in our 2024 culture. Even the Marvel Cinematic Universe pales in comparison as a distant third. They’re both ubiquitous. Mina says the fact that all of these conspiracy theories and politics are being projected onto two things so wildly unobjectionable or even generic to an extent is fascinating.

Dan points out that perhaps the biggest trigger for people about Taylor Swift is her ubiquity. You can’t get away from her, for some she’s had too much success. Dan says she’s like something out of Disney, although somehow Disney is now suddenly objectionable for some.

Pablo says that somehow it feels like they’ve bullied Goliath into being a David, turning the NFL and Taylor Swift into some kind of weird underdog against a political movement, one that used to be sports personified. He points out that the GOP used to be the party of jocks, at least as caricatured by some on the left. And now we’ve come all the way around. It feels like an incoherent decision on their part and not a strategic one, according to Pablo.

Mina reaffirms that she does not think it’s a strategic move, but if there were a strategy it is to take two of the remaining things in culture that move the needle and ride that wave. For people in the business of getting eyeballs, that’s more important than electing a candidate. They want attention and to ride the algorithmic wave and if they talk about the things everyone is talking about it doesn’t matter what potentially insane conspiracy theory they come up with they will go viral and get attention. And that is what Mina thinks is motivating this phenomenon more than anything else.

Mina has some experience in this arena as a woman in the football space and explains what she sees the issue being for some people — the allowance of other people to enter into their space.

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PsyOp & Share & Tell with Mina Kimes, Dan, Pablo, and Elmo

  • Is the right wing ganging up on two huge things — Taylor Swift and sports itself — precisely because they’re huge? Can you go with the flow and still be productive? Why is Elmo — and the internet — making us so sad? Plus: Dan Le Batard’s screaming female orgasm.


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