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Pablo Torre Finds Out ... how Travis Kelce got this famous

Pablo is joined by Mina Kimes and Dan Le Batard to discuss the grand plan of the Kansas City tight end and his representation to turn him into a star.

Last week on Pablo Torre Finds Out, Pablo spoke with Mina Kimas and Dan Le Batard for the latest Share and Tell episode and Mina brought up a New York Times article explaining Travis Kelce’s grand plan for fame ... before he met Taylor Swift.

The NYT profile of the Eanes twins described how they have worked with Kelce to help make him really famous. As Mina points out, he’s arguably the most famous player in the NFL, although the Eanes twins make sure to point out that they did not plan or plot for Kelce’s relationship with Swift.

Mina says the article is interesting, as it gets into how Kelce’s aspirations have helped to mainstream him beyond football. Mina points out that we think of football players as being really famous already, but most of them are not recognizable on the street. But Kelce is the exception to that rule — yes, thanks to his success on the field and relationship with Swift, but also to his myriad of commercials and his turn hosting Saturday Night Live. Mina thinks this is unique and there have been many examples like this in recent NFL history, even as Kelce runs the risk of overexposure.

Pablo is interested in an anecdote from the article where Kelce laments that he’ll never be as famous as The Rock, with the Eanes twins saying that he certainly could become as famous as the People’s Champion. Pablo says he would have called that delusion if you brought it to him in 2022, but that delusion on the parts of the Eanes twins reminds Pablo of how Maverick Carter and Rich Paul got on with LeBron James. Those guys were first to market with Kelce and Pablo says it is hard to tell how much they are the causal reason why he is this way. What should we be giving them credit for?

Dan points out that four agents is a lot by any measure and adding CAA on top of your agents is undoubtedly aggressive. Dan reveals that Kelce went to Stugotz of all people a while ago trying to figure out the podcast game. Dan went to college with The Rock at the University of Miami, and while he was not the best defensive tackle on his team, he learned from wrestling that if you have charisma and work ethic you can turn that into something. Dan says the Eanes twins took a guy who has great talent, is a champion and has charisma and they found the right mix of ingredients to make him a star. It was strategic, it was smart and they got Travis Kelce what agents are paid to get their clients.

But Mina wants to know what will happen as Kelce’s play, the singular nature of which plays a role in his ability to be so famous, continues to decline. Dan has some thoughts ...

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Share & Tell (and Teeth) with Mina Kimes, Dan, and Pablo

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