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Pablo Torre Finds Out ... what it’s like to watch the Dolphins score 70 points in Mike McDaniel’s suite

Katie Nolan tells Pablo Torre what her experience was like watching the historic blowout live, plus her trip to the McDaniels’ home a few days earlier.

As we found out on an earlier episode of Pablo Torre Finds Out, Katie Nolan’s fiance Dan Soder grew up with Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel.

Well, given that longstanding friendship, Katie and Dan just so happened to watch Mike’s Dolphins DESTROY the Broncos last week ... in Mike McDaniel’s suite at Hard Rock Stadium.

Now, Mike McDaniel and Dan Soder grew up in Denver, but Katie points out that Dan has always been a 49ers fan and Mike is obviously coaching against the Broncos, so they’re both good with the beatdown. Their friend Chad from Denver, however, is, was and forever will be a Broncos fan. So, Katie equates it to if Dan had to watch the Dolphins do this to his beloved 49ers. Needless to say, Katie says Chad was having a tough time watching the game unfold in the suite of the head coach currently laying the smackdown on his favorite team.

But, Pablo wants to know — are we all just Chad now watching this Dolphins offense wreak havoc across the league? Kevin Clark had a response.

As a bonus, a couple of days before the beatdown, Katie got to watch Thursday Night Football at McDaniel’s HOUSE. What was that like?

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Share & Tell with Katie Nolan and Kevin Clark

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