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Pablo Torre Finds Out ... who is running Magic Johnson’s Twitter account

Pablo works to reveal the latest mystery he’s deep dived on Pablo Torre Finds Out ... with some help from Rob Lowe.

On the latest Pablo Torre Finds Out, Pablo looks to answer the question that many very online NBA fans have had for years now — who is running Magic Johnson’s Twitter feed?

Producer Ryan Cortes says there is no one in the Twittersphere who he wants to know is behind the account than Magic Johnson. Unfortunately, Magic declined to participate, with a representative saying that “he has elected not to discuss the behind-the-scenes of his social strategy.” So how does one, even someone who has met Magic Johnson in the past, find a way to get to the bottom of the legendary Lakers superstar’s famous account? Who do they turn to? Well, Rob Lowe, of course!

Rob says he met Magic because they are about the same age, both from the Midwest and were young and having success in LA at the same time. It was natural that they would be on each other’s radar. Rob says that over the years he got to know Magic as a man through following the Lakers (including being banned by Pat Riley from the Lakers hotel. Hey, it was the 1980s and Rob was single. He was a “very bad influence on the Lakers.”).

Pablo says Rob has advanced the ball more than any other human being on the question of what is up with Magic Johnson’s Twitter account. Rob says he has it on very good authority that Magic dictates it — whatever occurs to him, with an emphasis on whatever occurs to him. It’s what Twitter was made for! Is it a walk and talk, like so many Rob did on Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing? Is it one person or a fleet of people? The world wants to know!

Rob cites a particular favorite of his when it comes to the style of Magic tweets.

Pablo, meanwhile, has his own favorites (especially the exclamation points, even if, as Rob reveals, Aaron Sorkin doesn’t believe in them) ...

As Pablo notes, on the scale of writing sensibility is Magic Johnson, on the other end is Aaron Sorkin. And Rob is right when he says you’re just not going to confuse their Twitter accounts.

Rob also wonders if some of the posts are pre-loaded, like the above post about the Dodgers losing to the Diamondbacks. Magic Johnson is a man of all seasons and outcomes, according to Pablo, ready with a Magic Johnson-ism no matter the event and its result. It’s why he’s a billionaire, Rob says! Of course, he’s ready for any eventuality! It’s like abstract art!

Of course, Rob sees some parallels between Magic’s Twitter account and one of the characters on his beloved sitcom, Parks and Recreation. Ya, heard?

So, even after the fun conversation with Rob, Pablo had more digging to do. He did all sorts of interviews on background and eventually got to someone IN THE ROOM with the mystery account manager posting to the account! What Pablo was told is the person who physically posts for Magic Johnson is Alexia Grevious Henderson ... the very person who emailed Pablo to let him know Magic was declining to participate! The person saying they elect not to discuss the social media strategy is the person behind the social media strategy. That’s capital J journalism right there!

Meanwhile, Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen lashed out after their appearance on Pablo Torre Finds Out aired. Pablo has responded ...

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