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Pablo Torre Finds Out ... if Bill Belichick is on his way out in New England

Pablo welcomes back Dan Le Batard and Mina Kimes for another edition of Share & Tell!

On the latest Pablo Torre Finds Out, Pablo welcomed back Dan Le Batard and Mina Kimes for another edition of Share & Tell!

Yes, rather than talking about her relatively new role as a mother (congrats, Mina!), the NFL analyst would rather talk about whether or not Bill Belichick could be nearing the end of his time in New England.

One of the greatest coaches in NFL history might be getting fired, and does no one truly care? It’s been something of a rough road in the post-Brady era for Belichick, especially considering how much of the blame for the Patriots’ listless offense could be laid at the feet of Belichick last season with the questionable choices made at offensive coordinator. But with no improvement, and perhaps even some further regression, amid a cadre of other issues, people are beginning to ask: Is this really the end for the hoodie?

Pablo questions who is in Belichick’s base at this point? Who’s in the Hoodie Hive? It’s becoming increasingly scarce. Dan says he doesn’t think he could find a more interesting topic in sports, at least one that’s no sociological, than the idea that Belichick somehow isn’t at a level of expertise that is above the level of firing, especially given all he’s done for the Patriots franchise. Yes, the majority of the credit reasonably goes to Brady, but before the arrival of Belichick in 2000 that franchise was nowhere close to where it's been for the last two-plus decades. To Dan, the level of winning accomplished should have precluded Brady from having to finish his career somewhere else or Belichick from going out in any way other than under his own design. To him, this whole conversation about Belichick’s future is a flabbergasting symbol of the cutthroat nature of the National Football League. If he’s not above firing, Dan says, NO ONE is.

Mina notes that to some the NFL stands for “Not For Long,” including the Patriots who have long been a symbol of that way of thinking when it comes to player personnel moves carried out by Belichick himself. Yet, Belichick and his supporters are asking for people not to just look at the last few seasons, but rather to take a look at the longer view. Mina points out that if you posted Belichick’s resume as a blind item, nine out of 10 people would say fire him. It becomes a question of how long Belichick has to struggle before a move is necessitated. Mina notes that the strongest defense for Belichick requires taking a long view of things in a way that people do not do in the NFL. It just doesn’t happen.

Pablo draws an analogy to what some people do with their grandpa, “Like he can’t drive anymore. We can’t let you go around town unsupervised.”

Pablo says that at times it feels like we’re living in a gerontocracy, where we don’t hold our leaders to the standards we’re trying to hold Belichick to here. So to him, the question of Belichick’s decision-making is what is his biggest sin? What are we right to blame him for?

Mina then takes a swing at discussing what might be reasonable areas to assess blame to the future Hall of Famer.

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Share & Tell (OnlyDans Edition) with Mina Kimes, Dan Le Batard, and Pablo

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