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Pablo Torre Finds Out ... does Troy Aikman really look like a white Jay-Z?

In the inaugural edition of our non-mailbag mailbag, Pablo answers audience voicemails and discusses one of the sports internet’s great obsessions.

The inaugural non-mailbag mailbag episode of Pablo Torre Finds Out has been released to the world and ... boy ... it was something else.

And, of course, Pablo nearly broke the internet.

Pablo was co-hosting PTI and the guest was Troy Aikman. Of course, Pablo couldn’t resist interjecting himself and creating content for the podcast, so he asked Troy about his resemblance to HOV. And yes, the Pro Football Hall of Famer is aware the internet thinks he looks like white Jay-Z.

So yes, Pablo was getting paid to do PTI and instead was cultivating content for his own show. But Pablo claims he was doing PTFO in addition to PTI, so get the story straight!

Meanwhile, the voicemails that Pablo got — dial 513-85-PABLO to leave yours — were really something else.

Meanwhile, Stugotz from the Dan Le Batard Show found a way to be a part of yet another show that is not his own.

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Is Troy Aikman the White Jay-Z? Does LeBron Use Gmail? And More of Your Burning Curiosities, Solved

  • In the inaugural edition of our non-mailbag mailbag, Pablo answers audience voicemails with the truth about his TV doppelgänger, Stugotz’s bong hits, A-Rod’s centaur, Stanford’s mascot, poisoned Miami Heat fans, and one of the greatest sports tweets of all time.


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