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Pablo Torre Finds Out ... about the forbidden love story of Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen

Pablo is joined by Charlotte Wilder as they discuss the unlikely romance between Michael Jordan’s son and Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife ... with the couple in question themselves.

On the latest Pablo Torre Finds Out, Pablo enlists the help of Charlotte Wilder from Oddball and producer Ryan Cortes to investigate a love story that seems too good to be true. And then he and Charlotte get to speak to the lovers themselves. Who are we talking about? Of course, Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen, the son of Michael Jordan and his significant other who just so happens to be the ex-wife of Scottie Pippen.

To dive deep, the crew began listening to every episode of Marcus and Larsa’s podcast, Separation Anxiety. Which, no disrespect, Ryan is not a fan of to say the least.

Charlotte keys in on the fact that both Larsa and Marcus introduce themselves not in relation to their famous connections, but rather in terms of their own accomplishments and interests, her The Real Housewives of Miami and him his sneaker boutique Trophy Room.

They proceeded to play some the audio from the podcast, including where Marcus talks about how he and Larsa met four years ago at the VIP room of a Jordan Brand party, her admitting to concerns about whether dating him was worth “going to war for” in a crazy situation (Michael and Scottie have famously been feuding since the release of “The Last Dance”), Marcus admitting that “The Last Dance” is one movie he can watch over and over again and their explanation for Michael Jordan saying that no, he didn’t approve of their relationship.

Pablo at one point highlights that this pairing is so explosive that it almost feels engineered, as the incentives are so obvious. And Charlotte agrees that it’s easy to see that the easiest way for Marcus and Larsa to get attention would be to get together and start talking about getting married. Marcus, Charlotte points out, is at his most animiated when talking about his father reacting to him. So is this true love? Who better to ask than Larsa and Marcus themselves!

Larsa points out, to clap back at those questioning the validity of their relationship, that who has time for hocus pocus? She highlights her own show, her businesses, her kids, his sneaker boutique. And who would fake a relationship for over a year?

Pablo asks about making a list of pros and cons entering this relationship, and Larsa says she knew it would be hard for them to date, but after spending time together there were a billion pros and the cons were only their last names. She says she’s not concerned about her ex — she points out that she’s never said anything bad about him — and for her the only thing she cares about are her happiness, Marcus’ happiness and her kids. And she says they love him and he fits in their family effortlessly. Marcus adds says he likes to say that he and Larsa are cut from the same cloth, both growing up in Chicago, even if, as Larsa points out, that she was really only around the Bulls during that final “Last Dance” season.

They didn’t want to get too much into how their families view the relationship, but Marcus did say that Michael told him that he was a grown man and could make his own decisions and that ultimately as long as Marcus is happy he’s happy. Larsa did say though that if Michael had seriously disapproved of the relationship they would not be together. And Marcus also revealed who he wants to be his best man when wedding bells start ringing.

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Inside the Forbidden Love of Michael Jordan’s Son and Scottie Pippen’s Ex-Wife

  • It’s Shakespearean. It’s Freudian. It’s a Greek myth with a Real Housewife. Yes, sports fans: Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen are getting married. But are they just a reality-TV couple engineered to goose the algorithm? Or is this true romance? Pablo, Cortes, and “Oddball” host Charlotte Wilder listen to their podcast so you don’t have to... then confront the Romeo and Juliet of our time with the awkward and essential questions about Michael and Scottie.


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