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Pablo Torre Finds Out ... what it is like to win Celebrity Jeopardy!

Pablo welcomes back Katie Nolan, fresh off her win on Celebrity Jeopardy!, as well as Dan Le Batard.

Katie Nolan returned Pablo Torre Finds Out triumphant coming off a DOMINANT performance on Celebrity Jeopardy that almost came undone at the very end.

Katie can now finally talk about what may be the greatest night in her life. Yes, she defeated Detective Stabler, aka Christopher Meloni, on Celebrity Jeopardy earlier this week. Katie, playing on behalf of the Association for Women in Sports Media, said she wanted to come out and set the tone — she was either going to be good at this or suck at this. And the rehearsal went ... got in her head a bit. But fear not, once the real game began she got out of the gate STRONG.

Katie was truly in the brain zone, as Dan put it.

Not only was Katie correct in her answers, but she was quick to buzz in with the right answers when he opponents buzzed in with the wrong answer. And Christopher Meloni looked ... less than thrilled throughout it all.

It all came to a head with Final Jeopardy where Katie almost made a fatal error. Entering with a big lead, Katie got the Final Jeopardy answer correct, but so did Christopher Meloni. Meloni wagered it all and finished with $17,600. Katie wagered enough ... to match that total. She forgot to add $1 more (watch the full interview for more on how she knew she messed up the math but it was too late)!!! To a tiebreaker they went! Luckily, Katie buzzed in first and with the correct answer to win the tiebreaker and the game to advance to the Celebrity Jeopardy! semifinals! And with that Katie probably ruined her chances of becoming BFFs with Detective Stabler.

But what a championship performance Katie, congrats! You can hear more from Katie in her interview with Mike Golic Jr. and Mike Golic Sr. on GoJo and Golic earlier this week.

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Share & Tell with “Celebrity Jeopardy!” Winner Katie Nolan + Gasbags Dan Le Batard and Pablo Torre

  • What does it feel like to kick a$$ on a game show? Like an athlete in the Albanian brain zone who can’t do math. Why doesn’t Bill Belichick have to defend his conditional genius? Because we owe him the benefit of sudden doubt. Are you convincing yourself that you don’t need therapy? You gotta place your vulnerability somewhere, you know. Plus: Pablo’s Process (again), Christopher Meloni’s mad energy, Dan’s digestive tract... and some tears.


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