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Men’s ice hockey bracket: Qualification playoffs, quarterfinals settling as group stage wraps at Beijing Olympics

Group play for the men’s hockey tournament is wrapping up in Beijing and the playoff stage is almost upon us. We break down who is advancing into the playoff stage.

USA’s Matt Knies celebrates after scoring the 2-1 goal during the men’s preliminary round group A match of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games ice hockey competition between USA and Germany, at the Wukesong Sports Centre in Beijing on February 13, 2022. Photo by ANTHONY WALLACE/AFP via Getty Images

We’ve moved into the back half of the 2022 Winter Olympics, and the men’s ice hockey tournament is in its final day of group play. The 12-team tournament will advance every team into a playoff bracket, but eight of the 12 will be required to play in a qualification stage. The top four teams will be advanced to the quarterfinals to await the winners of the four qualification games. The qualification stage takes place on Tuesday, February 15, and the quarterfinals take place a day later.

The men’s tournament is broken into three groups of four. The winner of each group advances to the quarterfinals and then the second place team with the most points also advances.

Group A featured the USA, Canada, Germany, and China. Team USA has the edge there after their win over Canada. They beat Germany on the final day of group play to win the group and secure the No. 1 overall seed. Canada beat China but because Sweden got into overtime in their one loss, the Swedes get the edge for the final quarterfinal berth.

Group B featured the ROC, Denmark, Czechia, and Switzerland. The ROC claimed the group and a spot in the quarterfinals. The rest of the group will play in the qualification round.

Group C featured Finland, Sweden, Slovakia, and Latvia. Finland won the group to advance to the quarterfinals. Sweden finished second and clinched the most points to advance to the quarterfinals.

Who gets a bye into the quarterfinals

USA (Group A)
Finland (Group C)
ROC (Group B)
Sweden (Group C)

Who plays in the qualification stage

Canada (Group A)
Denmark (Group B)
Czechia (Group B)
Slovakia (Group C)
Germand (Group A)
Switzerland (Group B)
Latvia (Group C)
China (Group A)