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The Olympic Village beds in Beijing are very fancy, not made of cardboard

After so many jokes about the beds in Tokyo, Beijing went all out for the athletes staying in the villages this year.

An interior view of athlete’s apartment at Beijing Winter Olympic Village on December 24, 2021 in Beijing, China. Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

You may remember one of the storylines from the Covid-19 stricken Tokyo Summer Olympics in 2021 was the quality of the sleeping arrangements in the Olympic Village.

They weren’t great, and there were rumors of them being designed to keep athletes from spreading Covid-19 to each other, amongst other communicable things that often get passed around Olympic Villages.

But fear not, youth of the world: It looks like you got some extremely comfortable sleeping arrangements in Beijing for the next few weeks.

From American luger and medal contender Summer Britcher:

Well that’s one way to stick it to the previous Olympic Committee!

Zero G mode? What does that even mean? Though we’re not sure, it looks extremely comfortable after a long day of training or competing.

There are actually three different Olympic Villages, and Britcher’s is in the Yanqing Zone, about 45 miles northwest of Beijing but accessible by bullet train. There are 1,430 beds in Yanqing for athletes, coaches, and officials, and it appears plenty of them will be dozing off comfortably in the friendly confines of their home-away-from-home until mid-February.