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Yes, you can have sex in an Olympic Village bed

Don’t worry, athletes of the world: The furniture will be able to handle it.

The Olympic and Paralympic Village Media Tour

The most unusual story in the lead-up to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics is the plight of the athletes in the Olympic Village. Due to COVID-19, the youth of the world will be mostly confined to the dormitory-style living of the Village in Harumi, a piece of reclaimed land in the middle of Tokyo’s harbor.

But the issue became with the beds, which are made of recycled cardboard that can easily be repurposed after the Games and not add to the carbon footprint. At one point it was alleged that this was done intentionally by the Tokyo Organising Committee to keep the athletes from, ahem, doing what athletes have been doing in Olympic Villages for generations.

But fear not, those that hope to find love or at least the next generation of Olympic-capable performers: The beds can handle more than one person.

Despite this terrific thread from former USA silver medalist Paul Chelimo, Irish gymnast Rhys McClenaghan puts the myth of the chastity beds to rest with video evidence, declaring it “fake news.”

So while the organizers might not be explicitly preventing international extracurricular adult contact via their furniture choices, they are still not handing out the official Olympic condoms until the athletes leave the hallowed halls of the Village. And they are still allowing alcohol in, even if they aren’t giving it out themselves.

And since all Village athletes have a roommate, the dorm rules of your freshman year of college apply here too: If the cardboard’s a rockin’, don’t come a knockin’.