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Ja Morant, Tyrese Haliburton, CP3 latest guards to get bit by the injury bug

Amin Elhassan and Charlotte Wilder discuss the spate of maladies that have recently afflicted top NBA guards.

It was a very bad “Oddball Weekend,” as Amin puts it, for star guards in the NBA.

First Chris Paul broke his hand and will miss four to six weeks, then Cade Cunningham sustained a knee injury and is expected to miss at least seven to 10 days. Meanwhile, Tyrese Haliburton slipped on the floor against the Celtics on Monday night and injured his hamstring. And then, most devastatingly, Ja Morant will need season-ending shoulder surgery.

Apparently, injury SZN is ramping up.

Charlotte points out a bonkers fact — Chris Paul has broken his hands, collectively, 11 times! She points out that Chris Paul has broken his hands in a way that most people go to the dentist and that’s an aspect of professional sports most fans don’t understand — the threshold of pain these players go through regularly.

Amin relays the story of suffering the same thumb injury as Drew Brees days apart, but Brees was back on the field within three weeks while Amin was feeling the effects for two months. Yes, Amin says, these players have a team of doctors working around the clock to help them, but the other part of it is these athletes are not coming back 100 percent from these injuries. They come back once the doctor tells them they’re not going to make it any worse. This CP3 injury is just another setback in a season full of setbacks for the Warriors, Amin says.

Cunningham, meanwhile, was injured in yet another Pistons loss on Saturday. Cunningham, no matter how you feel about how he is playing, is the best player on the Pistons. So, Amin says in a season of darkness the one bright spot has been dimmed, for at least the moment. Charlotte says this is just another case of adding injury to insult when it comes to the Pistons. But she also thinks there is a part of the Pistons fan base who feels as though it probably can’t get any worse from here and there may be a freedom in the nihilism. Can you even jinx the Pistons at this point? Amin says the Pistons are the NBA’s version of Bane.

Moving on to Haliburton, after some post-IST struggles, the Pacers appeared to be getting their stuff together a bit recently and now they’ve taken a tough hit to their momentum as they prepare to host an All-Star Weekend which was/is expected to be a launching pad for Haliburton to greater stardom. Amin says thankfully the injury isn’t worse, but it’s time for T.J. McConnell and Andrew Nembhard to tighten up their laces and get things going in order to keep the ship afloat.

Finally, we get to Ja. Amin has what he thinks will be an unpopular theory: This is actually a RELIEF for Memphis. It’s been a tough year for Ja and the Grizzlies, with Morant only playing in nine games total and his running mate Steven Adams out for the year. Now, as Amin puts it, the Grizzlies and “let go, Let God,” and Charlotte points out, they don’t need to rush anyone back or make a win-now trade.

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Can Anyone Spare A Star? NBA Injury Reaction

  • Ja Morant is out for the season. Tyrese Haliburton went down last night and Chris Paul is out for four to six weeks. Don’t worry though, Draymond Green is returning and Oddball has more HEADLINES from around the NBA.

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