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Facing indefinite suspension, does Draymond finally get it?

Amin Elhassan and Charlotte Wilder discuss the latest incident involving Warriors star Draymond Green.

Draymond Green, as Amin and Charlotte point out, has always been a player that plays on the edge. Well, his actions on Tuesday might have finally gone over the edge and have resulted in an INDEFINITE SUSPENSION.

Draymond attempted to say he didn’t mean to hit Jusuf Nurkic and was instead trying to sell a foul. But do we really believe that? Amin agrees with Nurkic’s sentiment after the game in wondering what’s going on with Draymond. Amin assumed Draymond would get suspended (at the time of recording the punishment had not yet been handed down) and this will be Draymond’s FOURTH suspension in the calendar year of 2023. And at some point, Draymond doesn't have a problem, Draymond is the problem! Amin says he’s someone who has been apologetic for Draymond in the past and given him credit for the Warriors' success, but he’s no longer on the edge, he’s gone over it.

Charlotte obviously hasn’t talked to Draymond and doesn’t know what’s going on, but just from these actions it seems like he’s unraveling a bit and she points out that prior to the four suspensions he has received in 2023 he had only been suspended TWICE in the rest of his career. And as Amin points out, this is all coming on the heels of his incident with Jordan Poole, which now appears to be a significant mile marker in all of this.

Amin says he’s at a point where he wonders if this is the culmination of a feeling of infallibility for Draymond. That he thinks he can do anything and it’s not that big of a deal. Oftentimes, Amin says, people who have a problem are always in denial. Amin feels like every time Draymond talks he has excuses and explanations when he simply has to say, “Man, I’m messing up.” There’s absolutely no accountability, Charlotte says. Charlotte also feels like it’s similar to a kid testing the limits, but Amin says he feels like he’s not even testing anymore he simply feels limitless. The limit does not exist.

Amin doesn’t want to overreact, but there is a part of this he says where you have to ask Draymond, “Do you get it?” There has to be a part of it where Draymond recognizes his edge has become detrimental at this point. Charlotte wonders if part of this is because Draymond is coming closer to the end of his career rather than being at the beginning. Amin thinks it’s just someone who has operated with zero boundaries and now it’s spilling over everywhere. There has to be a point where he recognizes he’s letting his team down.

Charlotte also asks how his team is feeling about all of this. They’ve had his back for the most part through everything and at a certain point when does that patience run out? And Amin points to Warriors coach Steve Kerr’s postgame comments about needing Draymond on the floor.


Oh, Draymond, Draymond, Draymond...

  • Suspension? Certainly. But will anything change for Draymond Green going forward after being ejected last night for flailing and hitting the Phoenix Suns Jusuf Nurkic? Sorry, not sorry, for what Amin and Charlotte have to say about it. Plus, Draymond wasn’t the only one ejected last night as Nikola Jokic received an unwelcome goodbye against the Bulls on Serbian Heritage Night in Chicago. What’s the latest in Ja Morant’s lawsuit and his claim of self-defense? And the Wizards are moving where now? Charlotte and Amin try to figure out the strange decision behind Ted Leonsis’ plans to move the Wizards to Virginia. Don’t forget, it’s Wednesday, which means WORD COUNT. Should D’Angelo Russell stay with the Lakers? Where’s the best fit for Pascal Siakam and which team at the bottom can hope to avoid the title of “worst team in the league”... let’s get counting!

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