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Are these new City Edition jerseys a slam dunk or an airball?

Amin Elhassan and Charlotte Wilder discuss the new NBA City Edition jerseys set to debut tonight in the In-Season Tournament.

The In-Season Tournament starts tonight and you know what that means — it’s time for some new uniforms! And Amin Elhassan and Charlotte Wilder broke down the new City Editions on the most recent episode of Oddball and ... let’s say they’re not rushing out to add one to the collection.

Amin very diplomatically calls them “intense” before asking Charlotte which ones she likes. She says that overall, these are the 2010s “going out” shirt of NBA jerseys. She’s really getting that classic, kind of Ed Hardy but not vibes, so good job Nike!

She starts the ones that aren’t “terribly offensive” to her with the Knicks, which Amin blows Amin’s mind before Charlotte reveals that she looked at it without her glasses on and assumed the double text was simply something wrong with her eyesight. So, again, great job Nike!

Moving on, Charlotte doesn’t hate the Hornets’ latest Buzz City look, and the Spurs’ looks fairly simple. Amin meanwhile, likes the Kings’ throwback-inspired look as well as the font on the Memphis set.

Charlotte also doesn’t hate Houston’s set, but Amin points out that it’s so generic that it looks like those bootleg jerseys that they sell at flea markets. Amin, meanwhile, also gives some kudos to Milwaukee’s latest cream offering and Minnesota’s, which Charlotte says looks like a Delta Airlines ad.

As for ones they don’t like, Amin wants to know when the Wizards started ripping off the Florida Gators while Charlotte says the Nets’ City Edition looks like the Toon Squad from Space Jam. Indiana Pacers, whatever that is, is a no for Amin, while the Lakers is simply awful. Too many letters!

Amin knows why this is happening — too much product. He says everyone was excited when Nike took over the first set of alternate jerseys they designed matched the Swoosh’s reputation. But instead of sticking with that in addition to home white, road colors and throwbacks, Nike has now done an additional three rounds of alt jerseys to diminishing returns. Amin says they ran through every creative design so now they’re struggling to come up with something new. I mean, he’s right the Lakers did run the triangle under Phil Jackson, so maybe that is the inspiration for this year’s City unis?

He says these unis are so bereft of creativity and it’s no one’s fault other than the rush to put out so much product early on. Charlotte has a solution — all throwbacks and bring back the long shorts, shorts don’t get enough attention!

And Amin has one more thought — putting the tiny “Heat” above “Culture” ruins the jersey for him, it’s like explaining the joke. Either you get it or you don’t. That’s fashion!

Meanwhile, the Knicks recently had a delay for the most hilarious of reasons ...


Celtics Explosion and Knicks Glitter Delays

  • Is it too soon to say that the Boston Celtics will have the best record in the NBA? Charlotte is excited about the Celtics' 51-point win against the Indiana Pacers, where 8 Celtics scored in double-digits. Can Amin guess the surprise Celtics players in the box score? While the Celtics had a shimmering stat line, the New York Knicks had a game delayed for glitter on the floor of Madison Square Garden (please still let us in), which prompted Charlotte to write a list of the top 3 worst things to fall onto an NBA court. Now that the NBA season is a week in, is it too soon to share some of these takes? Charlotte and Amin play a new game called ‘Small Sample Size Theater.’ Is this going to be a breakout year for Zion Williamson? Are Giannis and Dame doomed? Can the Grizzlies win a single game while Ja is suspended...?

Watch more below!


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