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What is the NHL record for most points by a team in a single season?

We take a look at some of the top NHL teams in history and how many points is the record.

Larry Robinson of the Montreal Canadiens skates against the New York Rangers during an NHL Hockey game circa 1977 at Madison Square Garden in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Robinson’s playing career went from 1973-92. Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

We see history made every season in the NHL in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. We rarely see much history made during the regular season given how historic teams and players have performed. We could be on the cusp of history in 2022-23 with the Boston Bruins and their point pace. Here we’ll go over who holds the record for the most points by a team in a single season.

NHL history: Most points by team in single season

Entering Monday, April 3rd, the Bruins have 125 points with five games remaining in the season. So you’re probably wondering how many points they need to break the NHL record. If the Bruins were to win out, they would set the record, which is currently held by the 1976-77 Montreal Canadiens, who had 132 points in 80 games. That team went 60-8-12; this was before the NHL implemented shootouts and there were ties. There were also two fewer games, so people will probably look to points percentage if the Bruins do come close to breaking the record. That Habs team had a points percentage of .825%. The Bruins already became the fourth team ever to win 60 games in a season.