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2021 NHL Draft Lottery odds: Sabres have highest chance at No. 1 pick

Check out the NHL draft lottery odds with Seattle Kraken joining as an expansion franchise.

NHL: NHL Draft
Ryan Johnson poses for a photo after being selected as the number thirty-one overall pick to the Buffalo Sabres in the first round of the 2019 NHL Draft at Rogers Arena
Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL announced on Wednesday that the 2021 draft lottery will take place June 2 in Secaucus, NJ at NHL Network’s studios. The Buffalo Sabres hold the highest chance at the No. 1 overall pick at 16.6 percent. The Anaheim Ducks come in second at 12.1 percent, followed by the expansion franchise Seattle Kraken and New Jersey Devils with equal odds at 10.3 percent.

The Kraken enter the draft lottery with the same position as the Vegas Golden Knights in 2017. Vegas famously went to the Stanley Cup Finals in its inaugural season, losing to the Washington Capitals 4-1.

The Arizona Coyotes are subject to sanctions resulting in the franchise forfeiting its first-round pick in 2021. If the Coyotes are selected in the top three, there will be a re-draw.

The Sabres and Devils could really use some lottery luck. Buffalo has not made the NHL playoffs in 10 seasons, while New Jersey has one postseason trip since its Stanley Cup Finals defeat against the Los Angeles Kings. The Ducks have not made the playoffs in three straight seasons.

The NHL lottery will select the top three teams while the rest of the order will be the inverse of regular-season points.

Here are the full list of odds for the top selection.

1. Buffalo Sabres: 16.6 percent
2. Anaheim Ducks: 12.1 percent
3. Seattle Kraken: 10.3 percent
4. New Jersey Devils: 10.3 percent
5. Columbus Blue Jackets: 8.5 percent
6. Detroit Red Wings: 7.6 percent
7. San Jose Sharks: 6.7 percent
8. Los Angeles Kings: 5.8 percent
9. Vancouver Canucks: 5.4 percent
10. Ottawa Senators: 4.5 percent
11. Arizona Coyotes: 3.1 percent (subject to re-draw)
12. Chicago Blackhawks: 2.7 percent
13. Calgary Flames: 2.2 percent
14. Philadelphia Flyers: 1.8 percent
15. Dallas Stars: 1.4 percent
16. New York Rangers: 1.0 percent