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DraftKings Partner Lucky Trader Introduces NFL-Ready Lineup Optimizer for a Seamless Reignmakers Experience

Lucky Trader, a DraftKings partner, introduced an optimizer to improve the DraftKings Reignmakers experience.

In perfect timing for the current NFL season, DraftKings collaborator Lucky Trader is ecstatic to introduce an industry-first: The DraftKings Reignmakers Lineup Optimizer. Designed for instantaneous and efficient lineup creations, it is currently compatible with all NFL formats, including the 2022 Deep Roster contests.

Exceptional Features Tailored for the NFL

Stacking isn’t just for poker chips! The Optimizer boasts remarkable features such as NFL stacking, letting you seamlessly pair quarterbacks with pass catchers from either their team or even the opponent’s team. Plus, with our “uniques” feature, say goodbye to repetitive lineup duplicates.

Just how speedy is this tool? Once your lineup is perfected – a process shortened to mere minutes – a CSV file is at your fingertips, ready for a direct upload to the DraftKings Bulk Entry System. And for an added touch of customization, handpick the exact contest each lineup should tackle.

An Unparalleled Efficiency Boost

The Lineup Optimizer conserves a staggering 30+ minutes for every set of 25 lineups crafted. Time is money, and with Lucky Trader’s toolkit, you’re saving both.

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Effortless Connection with Your DraftKings Username

Once you’re nestled in the Lucky Trader website, simply link your DraftKings username, and like magic, your portfolio loads up. The Lineup Optimizer, Portfolio Value Tool, and more all align seamlessly with your unique portfolio.

More Tools in the Arsenal

While the Lineup Optimizer is stealing the limelight, let’s not forget the suite of additional tools that Lucky Trader brings to the table:

PGA TOUR Scheduler: Strategize for success by predicting when and where each golfer will tee off.

Weekly Value Metrics: At a glance, discern top options and marketplace prices across all rarity tiers.

Your Membership to Reign Supreme

Unlock the future of the Reignmakers experience with our Reignmaker tier pricing plan:

  • Optimizer
  • Premium Content
  • Scheduler
  • Price Estimator
  • Value Metrics
  • ∞ Optimized Lineups

All this for a value price of $499.99 for 6 months or choose a monthly plan at $99.99 per month.

NFL tools are the latest addition, but for PGA enthusiasts, your tools are already here and awaiting your command.

Connect With Our Flourishing Community

Not only does Lucky Trader empower you with state-of-the-art tools, but we also nurture a thriving Discord community. Whether you seek assistance, wish to share insights, or simply chat about Reignmakers, we’re here 24/7.

Vying for the $100,000 top prize this week? Click here to jumpstart your Reignmakers NFL season with the Lucky Trader toolkit today!

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